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Apr 18, 2012 07:07 PM

London - Next Week - Trendy & Fun

Coming to London for business next week. Staying in Knightsbridge. Looking for a fun, trendy restaurant for me and my colleague to head to on a Thursday night. Willing to travel. Thanks in advance for the suggestions.

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  1. there's been loads of interesting, trendy openings in Soho recently - La Bodega Negra seems to be the 'in' place at the moment or there's 10 Greek St, or Meat Liquor (but you can't book for either and they may have queues). Or you could try Spuntino or Mishkins, both low key but good food and very trendy.

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      Koya seems to be the place to be, in Soho - queues out the door. I agree with all the above, plus Burger and Lobster is very "trendy" at the moment but not necissarily young or cool. Is the Young Turks still running? If so that would be a good bet (but I have a feeling it was only due to continue until the end of the month). Or Duck Soup in Soho. Otherwise if you want proper young person hangouts I guess you'd want to be heading over East or Dalston - but I'm not cool enough to have my fingers on the pulse! Pizza East does decent priced pizzas, burrata, charcuterie. Also Pret a Diner is just about to start if you want something different? oh and Brixton market for cheap dining at stalls and BYO places.

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        Brixton Village and Market Row are very trendy on a Thursday night, especially now the weather is starting to improve. Open until midnight now and full of hipsters, which is a bit annoying if you're a middle-aged long-term resident!

    2. If you're looking for a combo of good food and wine, Terroir, a few notches below trendy, attracts quite a lively post-theatre crowd. But the real deal, if you're willing to travel, is The Harwood Arms, filled with chow hounds in a pub-friendly mode. Book yesterday, the food and drink are so great. And don't miss the venison Scotch egg.