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Apr 18, 2012 07:02 PM

Cavaliere’s Princess Cake (Santa Rosa)

Hot cross buns were already sold out when I stopped by two weeks ago. As a consolation prize, I picked up a slice of Princess Cake. This might have been the better deal. Beating out most pretenders to the throne, the fine-grained white chiffon cake managed to be tender yet denser than typical. Layering in some very good tart-sweet raspberry preserves, rich Bavarian cream, thick whipped cream, and wrapping it up with green-colored marzipan, Cavaliere's turns out a shining example of a classic.

Cavaliere’s Bakery & Cafe
2600 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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  1. happened to be in windsor at cafe noto left week. noticed Cavaliere's website mentions an affilation with cafe noto. didn't notice much pastry items in the shop nor any signs of Cavaliere's involvement.

    it was midafternoon so maybe all the cakes. etc. were sold already.

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      When the main bakery was sold out of hot cross buns, I made a stop at Cafe Noto on my way home to see if there might be any there. The items in the pastry case at Noto were recognizable as Cavaliere's but looked worse for the wear. I've been to Cafe Noto several times and there are only a few things in the case, never seen any whole cakes.

      Here's my old post on Cafe Noto,