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Apr 18, 2012 06:52 PM

Help before I get dragged to the Buffet

Please help.

Our staple anniversary dinner place, Rosemary, closed late last year. It was well within our price range and I truly enjoyed the tasting menu.

Now that it is gone, I have no idea where to go and my husband is threatening to take me to a buffet, albeit a nice one such as Wynn, if I cannot find a Rosemary's replacement.

We have gone to Sage and enjoyed the food there but husband doesn't want to go there again. I would love to go to Le Cirque but that is stretching our budget a bit.

Please help!

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  1. Try Sirio at the Aria. I had the tasting menu there last June, and it was great. 5 courses, excellent service, and we had a great time.