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Apr 18, 2012 06:02 PM

Happy to See This Board

For years I cooked for a husband in congestive heart failure and was sometimes appalled to see comments on the regular boards to the effect that attention to dietary sodium was a frivolous preoccupation. When there is a medical situation, a sodium overload can precipitate sudden pulmonary edema, a super-emergency, and don't ask me how I know. I will be so glad to participate in discussions on this new board.

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  1. So understand.....was caregiver to my MIL for many years while she suffered from congestive heart failure and it was amazing how people really didn't understand how dangerous sodium was to her condition. I couldn't trust her nursing home residence so brought in homemade no sodium soups etc. for her meals. I am very happy to see this new board and hope it may help many people navigate special diet needs.

    1. I too am so happy for this board.

      My late father was a diabetic and a renal patient. We had to control both carbs AND potassium and it was really a challenge.

      Even the doctor just threw up his hands....

      And now I must watch my carbs and my mother is on a restricted diet, so I am looking forward to help from the kind people who post on chowhound.

      1. Me, too. It is encouraging to see awareness of dietary restrictions become increasingly important and taken more seriously as they should be. This is a great step in that direction!

        1. This is a very helpful addition to the site. I'm allergic to dairy, eggs, shellfish, and coconut. In addition, I'm recovering from treatment for breast cancer and need a soy free diet. So THANK YOU! As I'm a die hard foodie.

          1. Glad to see it too! I have a wheat allergy (not celiac) that is very debilitating to me even in small amounts so it's great to have a place to still adore food while having certain limitations.

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              I'm not sure if I'm allergic to wheat, but I know it doesn't agree with me. I used to get horrible heartburn after eating a sandwich, pizza, or the worst, a bowl of cereal. All that time I thought it was the oil in the rice milk I used (I was vegan at the time), or the sauce/cheese on the pizza. Finally did some research and discovered it was the wheat.

              Made a pizza tonight with a cream cheese & egg based crust, with sauce and cheese. Nope, no heartburn, none at all.

              1. re: MarlboroMan

                I would LOVE to have that pizza crust recipe. Its one of the few things I really miss since I stopped eating wheat.

                Like you, I couldn't figure out what was causing the heartburn and the random rash on my stomach. Since I stopped eating it, both are gone, I have more energy and feel a million times better.

                1. re: MarlboroMan

                  Also a sufferer of the wheat-hearburn correlation.....feeling so much better without it! And I am also interested in the pizza recipe!