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Apr 18, 2012 06:00 PM

Celebratory Dinner in Omaha?

My son is graduating from Creighton and we were thinking of The Grey Plume. What other places should we consider? There are just four of us.

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  1. The Grey Plume is ok IMO. I've only been there twice, so keep that in mind. I'd rather pay extra for the food rather than the service. It would be a solid choice. I'm not trying to put them down. I grew up with a huge garden, and everything was home butchered, so the whole farm to plate thing doesn't get me too excited. None of the dishes I had were anything I couldn't make at home. I'm more of a taco truck kind of guy.
    La Buvette in the old market is a good choice as long as you don't mind slow service. As of a few years ago, the chef was a Creighton grad. It's cheap and really good. The last time we went I got braised ox cheeks for about $10. I bet you could call ahead and they would make you a special meal. I used to order some pretty crazy things from them. Everyone I've taken there has been impressed with it. It's the kind of place where you go and just sit with some wine and family or friends.
    However, since mom and dad are paying....
    The flatiorn was always tasty as well. I prefer it over Grey Plume. I also really like Espana.
    When I graduated, I drug my parents down to South O for some tacos, a shrimp cocktail, and to get some sausage at Stoysich...If I were graduating now, I'd take them to the Ethiopian place on Leavenworth, or the Thai place on 24th. That's just me being quirky....

    1. Grey Plume is a good choice as would be Boiler Room.

      1. Would reccomend Boiler Room over Grey Plume for a celebratory dinner. Foodwise they are very comparable but I've always been more "wowed" buy the overall Boiler Room experience. The GP staff seems a little indifferent and less likely to go out of their way to make for a special night out.

        1. We have planned our food itinerary-Thurs night La Buvette. Fri Lunch Mark's if we can and we are still trying to decide on a place for dinner because my son is bringing their 9 month old so need somewhere to accommodate him. He is generally happy and quiet but that can change. We thought Mark's might be good for that with their smaller rooms, but they were booked for dinner. Saturday breakfast at LePeeps and dinner at the Grey Plume. I gave the graduate the choices and that is what he picked. Sunday morning, brunch at Taxi's for Mother's Day.
          We get to Omaha periodically so if we don't get to some of these places, we will later.
          Thanks for your help.

          1. The highlights
            La Buvette-We loved the old market area and things were hopping for a Thursday night. We were lucky to snag the last table. We had a great view of the kitchen, which was interesting to watch the guy that put the plates together. He fixed everything on a 2 burner gas cooktop. It is refreshing to be able to buy a nice bottle of wine to go with dinner without the 4x markup plus tip on that markup. We had the meat and cheese plate and the rillettes and with accompanying onions, cornichons, olives, pretty good tomatoes and mustard it was very tasty. We had for entrees, the chicken and brussels sprouts, the sandwich and the trout. All were pretty good except the trout was over cooked. We look forward to going back next trip. Service was very friendly but sparse as they seemed to be "short".

            Mark's Bistro-The stars aligned and everyone got into town in time to go to lunch. We had a assortment of sandwiches, salad, soup and burgers, as well as the mac and cheese and everyone liked what they had. I would like to try out the patio next time.

            The Grey Plume-We really liked the Grey Plume. The charcuterie platter was outstanding with about ten different housemade meats. It could have used a little pickled something if I were to make any comments. The trout was one of the best I have ever had. The skin was like trout bacon. All of the entrees had interesting combinations of taste and the recommendations for wine were excellent for our tastes. I liked the little go home bag of treats. Our server was newer but was very patiently answered our 20 questions.

            Le Peep-The service was good.