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Apr 18, 2012 05:38 PM

Good ice cream (in maker) recipes?

Hey guys!

I'm having our rehearsal dinner (BBQ) at my house the day before our wedding. My mom will be coming down that Monday, and since we really won't have a ton of stuff to do the week beforehand (I made sure of that!), I was thinking it would be kinda cool to make different types of ice cream for the rehearsal and just keep it in the freezer until that day. We're looking at 40 people though, does anyone know how much ice cream you should have for 40 people? I was thinking about picking up cones as well.'s my real question: Does anyone have any suggestions of recipes or ideas of what sort of ice cream to make? I also grow my own herbs, so I have fresh rosemary, mint, basil and cilantro at my disposal, and *hopefully* my strawberry plant will have some strawberries at that point too!

Here's what I'm thinking so far:

- Fresh mint & chocolate chunk
- Plain vanilla
- Perhaps a caramel & sea salt, maybe a regular chocolate ice cream, maybe strawberry basil?

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  1. I highly recommend you order yourself a copy of David Lebowitz's The Perfect Scoop, which has phenomenal recipes for everything from traditional flavors to ones using a lot of the herbs you mentioned. You can find a lot of his recipes online by searching, and some are on his Web site, but the book as a whole has some wonderful ideas. I would guess that a quart would feed 6-8, so plan accordingly. But I would narrow it down to three or four flavors and make several batches of each, since if you have 8 different quarts and everyone is excited about salted caramel, you'll have lots of sad faces.

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      Agree wholeheartedly!

      You might consider one that's not egg-based, it would be easier to make especially in bulk. I have made a tiramisu flavor with mascarpone cheese & coffee liqueur that is out of this world.

      1. re: laurendlewis

        I third the recommendation. It's a great book! His chocolate btw is delicious.

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          Hi L & L, would you mind sharing the tiramisu ice cream recipe? It sounds decadent.

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            Jenni's Splendid doesn't use eggs and the recipe for her base is on I most recently made buttered popcorn ice cream using her base and I loved it. I have also made her sweet corn with blackberry sauce ice cream.

            I have made this eggless dulce de leche ice cream and it was delicious as well.

            How far in advance are you considering making this ice cream? I find that homemade ice cream gets pretty icy after 2 days.

            1. re: jules127

              I was planning on making them Monday or Tuesday for a Friday rehearsal dinner. I could always make the mixes up, keep them in the fridge and toss them in the ice cream maker Wednesday/Thursday. I'm making the different types of ice cream and keeping part of it in the fridge so I know what it's like after a few days, as well. Do you think it would affect it if it were chilled for a day or two?

              1. re: rhumphrey205

                I have certainly made the base one day in advance, but haven't tried longer. I imagine the flavors would have more of a chance to meld.

              2. re: jules127

                I second Jeni's. They are my favorite recipes by far. It is a good thing to age your bases actually, a day or two. She covers that in the book.

          2. Thanks guys! I'm thinking I'll do a gallon each of vanilla, fresh mint & chocolate chunk, caramel & sea salt, and strawberry basil. Checked with a friend of mine who's a caterer at Whole Foods & she said probably 3 gallons for 40 people, but I'll just make an extra gallon in case someone wants more!

            I have checked out David Lebowitz's website, that's actually where I got the recipe for the fresh mint & chocolate chunk one. I may need to look through it again though in case I find something random and delicious. :)

            1. If you are making ice cream for 40, you will likely need one (or more) of those old fashioned crank buckets (they come motorized too, these days) that make 5 quarts at a time.

              I would make a good vanilla, a chocolate (maybe with chocolate chunks mixed in) and a fruit sorbet. David Lebovitz's book is excellent, but you might look for one that is specially for larger batches. I would...

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                Yes, my motorized ice cream maker makes 4 quarts (one gallon) at a time. I was planning on making each recipe first, seeing how much it makes & just doubling/tripling the recipe to make enough of what I need.