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Apr 18, 2012 04:30 PM

Lynn: Tacos Lupita and Lupita Restaurant--same? wazzup?

We had read CH reviews for Tacos Lupita, and, as we had to be in Lynn at lunchtime that day, we drove over to Munroe St. We found a parking spot ain front of the big Lupita sign over #22. I'd thought the address was in the 100s, but, here was Lupita. It sounded like the sort of menu and prices I'd read about, so we ordered some of the dishes mentioned by other posters. It was pretty good, and the people very welcoming. As we drove back to the Lynnway, though, we passed Tacos Lupita, and while I thought it must be closed, and the place at #22 must be a new space--NOOO, there were folks inside at tables.

So what gives? Are they owned by the same people? Did we miss out on the REAL Tacos Lupita?

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  1. Hi, sounds like you were at RESTAURANTE Lupita, which is just a half block from Market Street and right next to the Food Project land plot. TACOS Lupita is half a block down the street. They are owned by the same owner, they basically expanded their business by opening a second place. Restaurante Lupita is located where Pho Lynn used to be. In fact, when they opened the new place, they remodeled the older Tacos Lupita and had a sign up sending people to the other location. Both are operating now. Almost the same menu, Restaurante Lupita has a few additional options that Tacos Lupita does not have, but yes it's the same food, same quality, same flavor so you didn't miss out :-)

    1. Restaurante Lupita is slightly larger with more tables and wait service. Tacos Lupita has you order at the front and has very limited seating. Both are great!