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Apr 18, 2012 04:09 PM

Baking brownies with a silicon sheet

Has anyone used a silicon (silpat) type sheet to line a pan to bake brownies?

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  1. Sure, I use the Silpat liner, parchment paper, shortening, butter ...... whatever I have available. Problem with the Silpat liner is that it only covers the bottom of the baking pan/dish and I prefer to have the entire vessel "lined" with something so butter is my first choice, vegetable shortening second, parchment third and Silipat last.
    Those silicon baking pans work quite nicely, especially with their flexibility; but don't cut the brownies in the silicon pan or on a Silpat sheet.

    1. I like making a sling w/ parchment so you can remove the brownies easily and then cut on the cutting board. If you use a silpat, it's hard to remove the brownies from the pan because you don't want to cut on the silpat.

      1. parchment is my go to. I was seeing if anyone had tried the silpat. Removal would be no more difficult that a parchment sling.

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          I have used silpat with Ina's outrageous brownies. It doesn't stick but using some a sling makes it easy to pull from the pan, unless you can somehow make an overhang w/the silicon. With Ina's brownies, it is a half sheet pan so hard to pull up anyway. But cutting is more of a challenge.

        2. I use parchment paper, but not to line a pan. Cover some cookie sheets and use the batter to make cookies.