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Apr 18, 2012 03:56 PM

Food Network Canada Programming

I just wanted to see what other people think about the programming on FNC. When I tune in, it is usually in the evening and the line up has been changing a lot. I mainly like cooking shows based on one chef (like Chuck's Day Off, Chef at Home, etc), which are rarely on in the evenings. There are a few competition shows I tend to enjoy (Chopped on occasion and Top Chef). I just really can't get into shows like Pitchin' In and Glutton for Punishment, but I figured lots of people must like those sorts of shows if FNC keeps airing them during the evening. I would be more inclined to watch FNC with different types of programming.

Tonight's line up for example: Glutton for Punishment, Ice Cold Cash (x2), Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (x2), World's Weirdest Food (x2), Eat Street (x2), You Gotta Eat Here (x2).

What are the types of shows that other viewers would like to see on in the evening?

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  1. I'll probably comment more when I'm at my computer instead of my phone but man, Ice Cold Cash is such a joke. I can't believe they let that on air. I watched 3 episodes and several of the questions were repeated!

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      I agree with your take on Ice Cold Cash....such a stupid concept. That said, I really despise 90% of the competition shows. As a matter of fact I have lately been tuning in to the 'Latin' network (Telelatino) which airs straight-up cooking shows like Rick Bayless', Mexico, One Plate at a Time, Lidia's Italy, Lidia's Family Table etc. Personally, I'd prefer Julia Child to most of today's gimmicky programming. But that's just me...

    2. Ok, I'm back.

      I typically watch FNC in the evenings and on weekend mornings. I'm growing more impatient with their scheduling. Their Saturday & Sunday morning lineups used to be great (or at least they would appeal to me), featuring shows like Chuck's Day Off, Jamie Oliver, etc. Now it's freaking Eat Shrink & Be Merry, DDD, etc.

      There's hardly any cooking shows anymore, just shows like Glutton, DDD, Eat Street, WWF, YGEH, which are all basically the same thing: outrageous food, huge portions, people stuffing their faces. While some of the food trucks and diners are serving innovative foods and interesting dishes, the majority of the features are just big piles of messy food. I like watching cooking shows that will give me inspiration in my own kitchen. I'm not going to make these things at home.

      I also noticed there are barely any travel/world food shows in regular rotation. I'm thinking along the lines of From Spain with Love. Those types of shows were interesting.

      I watch Top Chef regularly, Iron Chef and Chopped sometimes but the other competition shows don't hold much interest to me. The absolute worst was the Guy Fieri vs. Rachael Ray show... ugh. Or Worst Cooks in America or whatever it's called with Anne Burrell & Bobby Flay. Kill me.

      Hour long shows like Restaurant Wars or makeover shows do not appeal to me. They seem to dominate the Thursday night lineup.

      So, in conclusion: needs more cooking shows, less gross out/extreme foods and stop playing the same damn shows back to back, especially if they're hour long shows.

      And Ice Cold Cash is incredibly lame.

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      1. re: cellophane_star

        They should look at some shows produced in Australia to add. I have been impressed with Masterchef Australia (mix of competition with typically 10 episodes dedicated to "learning"). For non-competition shows I also liked "Poh's Kitchen" (TV show hosted by the AUS Masterchef Season 1 runner up). Now downloading Luke Nguyen's Vietnam series 1 and 2 - which looks promising. Luke Nguyen's (chef at a high end vietnamese restaurant in Australia - was born in refugee camp in Thailand and immigrated to Australia with family during exodus) show mixes travel with food from different regions within Vietnam.

        1. re: cacruden

          The Luke Nguyen shows sound like what I enjoy watching. There was a series on for a while with Australian chef, Kylie Wong which I used to like.

          1. re: Yongeman

            I have watched a few episodes - currently downloading the rest using (commonwealth TV shows excluding the UK). I have to admit I really love this show.

            A synopsis of the episodes is located at:

            I really love the focus he has on quite a number of "salads" -- quite a few (not salads as you think of them in the west - similar to the Thai/Isan concept).

      2. I've given up on FNC and pretty much most of Cooking Channel. I really don't need to see re-runs from the turn of the century and could care less about how fast someone can make a cup cake.