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Apr 18, 2012 02:59 PM

pesach in the cove

Just wanted to let everyone out there know that we spent Pesach at the Cove Palace hotel in Cancun, Mexico and it was just fantastic. Ram Caterers did the food and it was superb. Every night was an adventure....and a good one!. The grounds are simply stunning; gorgeous interconnecting pools and great lounge areas. The beach had snorkeling and kayaking. We had separate swimming and the mechitza was very tastefully done. I've been to many Pesach programs and this is the first time that the women had a pool equally as nice as the men. You could even get a massage at the pool. And that's beside the pizza and drinks that they were serving us al day.

All in all a great Pesach

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  1. Yes I know RAm is a great caterer and i went to a hotel with them 3 years ago. How many people did they have in the program? i know they were charging over 4k plus taxes per person. thats a fortune of money.

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      They had about 600 people, including kids, babies, etc. It really didn't feel like there were that many people....the grounds are so spacious