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Apr 18, 2012 02:43 PM

Old Lyme Inn Open?

Heard that the Old Lyme Inn has finally reopened. True? Have any hounds tried the new incarnation. Hope it is back to the same high standard it was in the 70's when the Atwood's were the innkeepers. It was super back then, Ken and Diane Atwood ran a first rate Inn and restaurant. Sadly, it went down hill after Diane sold.

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  1. " the atwoods" were not the inn keepers- Ken Milne and Diana Atwood Milne were in the 76 going forward era -divorce in there somewhere and she carried on- smashing house up on hamburg cove- employed chef steven wilkinson who later went on to his own gig at "Fine Bouche" in Centerbrook, which I believe went on to be called "steve's cafe"- and then he moved on-haven't been around there in years- any body have any idea where wilkinson is? may have retired- great talent, and back in the day the food was top notch ala NYT three star- but very stuffy environs- read website with great interest- new owners seem very committed and it's a great locale- cool looking menu- hope it works for community and there's interest in supporting it.

    1. True. Drove by last week, haven't been there since they reopened.