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Bulgur wheat HELP

So I like how nutritious bulgur wheat is, and it's easy to cook - but I don't like how few recipes there seems to be for it and I'm not a fan of it cold. Anyone got any good recipes to share? I'm also interested in other healthier grains for recipe ideas too.
How can you get rich bold flavor in bulgur wheat?

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  1. Would you be interested in a bulgur wheat bread recipe?

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      I would but I'm struggling with bread as it is at 5,000 ft.... ^^; making bread myself is hard as heck up here... Is it real easy?

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        What are you having troubles with in your bread baking? I live at 5,000+ feet. I don't follow recipes, and go by my senses, looking at it, smelling, and touching.

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          I'm at about 6,000 feet and don't have any issues with bread.

          I can't say the same for cookies and cakes, however. I've never had either turn out correctly! 0_o

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            well I kinda cheat, I have a bread machine I got for a birthday and it doesn't come out as well as when I lived thousands of feet lower. It also won't do whole wheat any longer, no idea why.... If i try whole wheat it comes out all unedible up here.
            I'm kinda intimidated to try making bread from scratch by hand up here...

            Yeast and I have always had trouble getting along. My mom never cooked anything from scratch and I never had anyone to learn basics from so it took me a while and the internet to even realize that yeast had to be added to certain temp water (speaking of that temp is hard to get out of my sink up here). If you have any REALLY simple recipes for healthy (whole wheat etc) bread I would try it once on your word it works up here.

      2. have you tried bulgar pilaf? peppers stuffed with bulgar?Rich bold flavor is about seasonings.

        1. I just use it like I would pasta or rice.

            1. Coarse ground bulgur boiled in chicken broth, mixed with cooked/canned chickpeas, and seasoned with butter, salt, and pepper is surprisingly good. This is a (rather simple) Claudia Roden recipe.

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                Yes it is. It's also great with some toasted walnuts scattered over it.

              2. I always mix it half and half with something, like quinoa or couscous. Then usually something Middle Eastern style.

                1. You can pretty much substitute it for rice as a hot carb. Pilaf is usually a good bet - and, depending on what you put in it, turns into a decent vegetarian main course.

                  1. Thanks for all the tips, I will try cooking it in broth to add more flavor and I like the recipe suggestion! I'll also not be intimidated and try treating it as rice and see how it comes out.

                    1. Bulgur is a key ingredient in Lebanese kibbe. The bulgur is the outside covering for a meat and nut filling. Delicious. I believe you can make them fried or baked and there are lots of recipes online. Choose a recipe with picture.

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                        I was going to say kibbeh as well, basically a meatloaf with bulgur as the binder. You can also season bulgur like a pilaf and use it to stuff vegetables or grape/chard leaves. There are different grades of courseness to the bulgur, so depending on the fineness of your bulgur, it can be used for anything from creating dough to standing in for couscous.

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                          While we're talking Middle Eastern, bazargan is a tasy favorite. it is usually served as part of a meze assortment.

                        2. I like to use it as a base for sauteed greens and a poached egg. Also, mix it with cottage cheese, an egg or two, and sauteed veggies and then bake for a really satisfying, healthy sort of quiche. You can also do this as a pancake by dropping it on a griddle (you may need to add a bit of flour).

                          I also really love it in place of rice in fried "rice," especially with pineapple added along with the usual veggies.

                          And also, it freezes well. So I will make a whole bag of it and then freeze in individual portions, then defrost as needed.