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Apr 18, 2012 01:54 PM

Insufficient quantity of oil

Does anyone else find that the proverbial "1 Tablespoon Canola oil" is woefully insufficient to pan fry/sear even the smallest quantities of food?

Nearly every recipe I try uses very small quantities of oil and I find myself always having to use significantly more.

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  1. Yeah... that seems optimistic at best. I'm not even sure I could sweat a minced shallot with that.

    1. The quantity of oil necessary for sautéing is relative to the size of the pan.

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      1. re: todao

        This is true, but most of time I'm looking at recipes that call for a 10 inch pan.

      2. If you use a like amount of butter with it, it seems to go farther!


        1. If the pan is hot before I add the oil a little goes much farther.

          1. I have never measured any amount of oil to fry or sear any food.....other than to, two, three or four while tilting the bottle. Not trying to be rude, or a smart ass, but since you have come to this revelation, costs aside, wouldn't it just be easier now to double the amount initially?

            For the record, I rarely use recipes, but when I do, I rarely pay attention to the measurements so your problem is not on my radar or experience. I would also agree with the hot pan before adding oil to the pan.