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Apr 18, 2012 12:27 PM

BEST DEAL in New Orleans' restaurants?

I just visited NO again and had a great time. Although we ate at many great places (Commander's, Brigtsen's, Bayona, August, ( $20 lunch special) Jacques-Imo's, Upperline and more), the best deal, by far, was RESTAURANT ONE. From Monday through Thursday, they serve all their apps and many if not all of their drinks at HALF PRICE. My wife and I had two drinks each and five apps between us and the total bill was under $50. The food was absolutely delicious and the place was very pretty, although almost empty when we went. Service was great too. Chowhounds, can you beat that deal?

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  1. Mr. B's for lunch(cheap bloody Marys)

    Commanders Palace(.25cent Martinis at Lunch)

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    1. re: srqmike

      Gotcha beat: every day Domenica has half-priced pizza and wine. With pizza that good, best deal going!

      1. re: sanglier

        Domenica's HH is great. 1/2 price beer and well drinks as well, however IMO, August's lunch is an absolute steal.

    2. I love One's happy hour. Scallops, chargrilled oysters, a couple of Onetinis, and fresh baked sourdough bread and you are set.

      Coquette's $20 lunch special is also a great deal, as well as August. I am dying to go back to August.

      1. What days and times is this happy hour at One? I'm headed down to NOLA in about a week and I'd love to try it. Thank you.