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Apr 18, 2012 11:57 AM

Middle Eastern Providence, 2012 Updates?

I have been having some serious cravings for Middle Eastern food lately. Perusing the boards I noticed that there have not been updates to some of these threads for a few years. Yet I know there have been lots of changes lately (openings, closings, relocations, an influx of hookah bars). Was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on the current scene.

I would also love to hear anything about some of the older places. I have been living in the area for about 7 years now, but we don't eat out a lot and have some catching up to do (too many choices!!). Are these places still around? Tasty?

I am looking for sit down restaurants, take out, markets with prepared food. Anything that is tasty. I am willing to drive!

My current top location is North Side Pockets on Mineral Spring. (Though East Side Pockets is my go to for falafel near Brown). A more sit down sort of place might be nice...

Also, I have no interest in hookahs (or overly 'college-y crowds'), but will tolerate a hookah bar if the food is worth it.

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  1. north side pockets is very good. they have a 7(?) bean salad that is dynamite and i've really enjoyed the falafel there on several occasions.

    i also have no interest in hookah bars, but oasis on broad st is fantastic. probably my favorite falafel in the state right now. they have a good sized menu with daily specials. great portions and cheap prices.

    wondering if anyone has tried the middle eastern offerings at next bite pizza in pawtucket? i work right around the block from them and it would be a nice lunch option.

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      ok, i tried next bite for lunch. the falafel was just "good." it would have benefited from some hot peppers or tabouli added to their standard fixings. also had a garden salad that was pretty impressive for $5 and change, lots of romaine, tomato, cukes, bell pepper, shredded carrot, peperoncini, and hard boiled egg. all ingredients were extremely fresh and this could easily have fed two people (also came with pita bread). it appears to be run by a middle eastern family if the name on the business license is any indication.

    2. If anyone likes north side pockets , you must try pick pockets on rt 7 in smithfield . inside the shell station by Bryant.
      the BEST falafel,grilled chicken & grape leaves around....

      1. Fantastic info! Thanks!

        Looks like I have some investigating to do!

        1. i've not been, but this place in east providence gets consistently good reviews, and would fit the bill for full service, sit down meal.

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          1. re: sarabean

            La Camelia is FANTASTIC, Best middle eastern food I've had in the state by far. They owners are retiring at the end of the month though, so hurry if you want to check them out.