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Apr 18, 2012 11:02 AM

Street & Company. Order suggestions?

Coming to Portland in a few weeks and excited to try this place; seems pretty spectacular. Anyone have suggestions?

thanks !

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  1. You can't go wrong with the lobster diavolo, IMO. Just be prepared to share as it only comes as a dish for two. Another favorite of mine (and its not on the regular menu, but appears regularly as a special) is the tuna bolognese. It seems oh-so-wrong to go into a seafood place and then order a pasta dish featuring what was probably yesterday's tuna, but I think it is spectacular.

    I also had a stellar Portuguese stew there once about 18 months ago. That too was a special and—though I'm told its been offered numerous times since—the stars have yet to align in terms of allowing me to enjoy that dish again.

    By the way, people seem to run pretty hot or cold on Street & Company. Be prepared for at least one person to tell you how Street & Co. is overrated and you can do be better. And then be prepared to ignore their "advice" and try it for yourself before arriving at your own conclusion. (While I won't to claim that Street & Company is a "perfect" restaurant, it does seem to be a victim of its own success in that its the place that people seem to love to slam these days.)

    If you're traveling solo or feeling ambitious, consider dining at the bar. They have always taken really good care of me there. They'll almost certainly try to sell you on the oysters, which are delicious and you get to watch the bartenders shuck them.

    Best of luck with your visit! Where else are you going while in town?

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    1. re: chubbywerewolf

      We're thinking of The Front Room, Miyake, possibly Petite Jacqueline? We have 4 dinners/ 4 lunches. I'm not a huge breakfast person, I prefer an early lunch and snacks later. J's Oyster, Gilberts??? Any advice you can offer would be well appreciated! we've never been and are so excited to see Portland ! And of course as many lobsters as we can handle.

      1. re: piglet3000

        Great choices, and I second the suggestion that you come to your own conclusion re: Street, which we always find excellent. One possibility: instead of Front Room (which is fine, but can be very noisy and crowded), Bar Lola across the street on Congress. Petite J is great if you want a classic bistro menu. I'm among those who think J's is over-rated unless all you want is atmosphere.

        1. re: mainemal

          Mainemal: your are right..... J's is overrated and Bar Lola is excellent. But my first choice is always Street & Company.... A great restaurant run by professionals, and the food is always top notch. I guess people don't like the fact that they sometimes have to wait, the closeness of tables, or the prices, but its still, in my opinion, the best !!!

    2. If there is any version of the lobster bread pudding on the menu as an appetizer you should order it!

      1. I adore the Sole Francaise at Street and Co -- yummy! Be sure to request a table in the back room, which is quieter and not as warm as the room with the open kitchen.

        I second the rec for Bar Lola, a consistently good restaurant. The service can often be a little slow, though.

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        1. re: miradan

          Yes, sole francaise is absolutely delicious. It's very simply prepared, but melts in your mouth. I tend to order more complicated dishes that I would not prepare at home, but this one is sooo good I keep ordering it. Also mussels are excellent for app. Street is our go to restaurant for seafood, we've never been disappointed and continue to recommend it to friends (but with caveat that menu is limited to seafood only).

          1. re: maina

            SOLE FRANCAISE--thats my choice too....
            Wonderful & excellent every time. Suggestion--the bread comes at room temperature, so ask the waiter to heat it up for a minute.... They will do this if they are not too busy. It makes all the difference in the world. I love that place.