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Apr 18, 2012 10:11 AM

Desperate to get into French Laundry - any tips?

Any tips for getting into French Laundry? I've tried calling their line repeatedly at 10am SF time. Open Table shows no reservations available any time of day or night. Help, please!!!

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  1. Some of the inns in the Yountville area will book a reservation for you if you stay with them. I think Villagio and Vintage Inn do this but not sure, you may want to call and find out.

    1. Lots of published tips such as this one: I just checked opentable and see a reservation for 4 @ 915. Not the easiest restaurant to dine in on short notice, but this is just to say it's not impossible to book either. I occasionally check hackertable to see what it has scraped from opentable and recently I've seen a few FL reservations (all on short notice however).