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My Favorite Beer - Where To Buy

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I don't drink a lot of beer anymore but when I do, I prefer McEwan's Scotch Ale. It has a unique taste. Very dark and a little bit sweet. Nice balance. In the past it was available in Ontario, Canada at the LCBO stores. It is not available at The Beer Stores. Now I cannot even get it at the LCBO. Without going to Europe, anyone know where I might be able to land a case either in the States or Canada?

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  1. They stopped selling it in the US a few years ago as far as I know. Perhaps they also axed it in Canada.

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      When Heineken bought McEwan's, they made the decision to stop shipping it overseas.

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        Here's the thing though. I talked to a person from LCBO and they told me I could special order it through their distributor. So they'll get it, at 3 times the pre-regular stock days! As in $120 a case. So I was just wondering if anyone else imported it into Canada at a reasonable price. Thanks for replying.

      2. Heineken recently sold the McEwan (and Younger) brands to UK brewer Wells and Young's.
        (W&Y brands are imported into the US by "Belukus" http://www.belukus.net/ ).

        According to an email from "Tim Wilmot-Smith" Wells and Young's Export Manager, they are planning to re-introduce McEwan's Scotch Ale into the US in October, 2012.
        ( http://beeradvocate.com/community/thr... not sure if this link is available to non-members of the site).

        No mention of Canada, however - perhaps an email to W&Y would bring more info. http://www.wellsandyoungs.co.uk/home/...