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Apr 18, 2012 09:15 AM

Sushi Mike's - Dobbs Ferry

I know that there's a adage never to order sushi on Sunday and in this case it proved to be true. While I don't think Sushi Mike's has ever been a destination for true sushi-philes, being more of a place where one orders crazy rolls, the sashimi has been okay on the past 3-4 occasions I've eaten there. On Sunday it was just not fresh. Of course, I know all the better sushi places in Westchester as rated by Chowhounders, but was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience at Sushi Mike's since it always seems to be well reviewed online. This bad experience is enough for me to retire it from my repertoire.

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  1. I've been there a few times but never of my own accord.

    They are owned and run by Taiwanese. They tried to speak Mandarin to me. The sashimi was served room temperature. Crazy rolls or not I refuse to go back. Online reviews by non-sushi-philes cannot be trusted.

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    1. re: pabboy

      I have to disagree. I've eaten there a dozen or more times, and have never had less than first class very fresh seafood. I enjoy sushi, not sure if that makes me a sushi-phil, but I do know fresh fish. You should of course sent it back. But, please do not disparage this restaurant.

      1. re: jwg

        paboy is entitles to his or her opinion as much as you are.This is what the board is for .Im glad you like sushi mikes feel free to eat there.Some of us find their quality of fish erractic
        And most certainly it is a sushi roll kind of place.

        1. re: jwg

          jwg, I explained my experiences and that's it. Was I expecting Tsukiji fresh served Yasuda quality in Nobu ambiance? No. But with so many better and more authentic Japanese restaurants in Westchester (Nishi and Sazan both just 1 mile away in Arsdley), why even bother with Sushi Mikes?

          1. re: pabboy

            +1. Never understood all the hype. When I'm over there, I'd rather get a Sushi Dog from Dobbs Dawg House. No fish, but it's a fun snack and better than what you'd expect.

          2. re: jwg

            I started the thread. Yes, I should have sent the sashimi back, but I supposed the same fish would have appeared again in a different guise. I do not easily disparage any restaurant, but for a highly rated (by Zagat's at least) sushi place, fish that's not fresh is an unpardonable sin. Out of the several varieties of fish on the platter, all were only tolerable. Again wondering if they can't obtain fresh fish on a Sunday...

            1. re: cloverose

              Rarely do Japanese restaurants source "fresh fish". I know some (maybe most) fish in Westchester come frozen in vacuum sealed packages. I have seen sushi chefs defrost and open them. Most popular fish like tuna and salmon are flash frozen the moment they are caught and brought on board the trawlers.

              1. re: pabboy

                Who knew? Thanks for the interesting info PB. Then there's really no excuse for fish that isn't immaculate, is there ......

                1. re: pabboy

                  With the exception of Tuna, the FDA requires that all fish to be eaten raw must be frozen first.


                  I rarely bother ordering nigiri in westchester-I know there is a high likelihood of being disappointed.