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Apr 18, 2012 08:42 AM

Best place to buy mascarpone in bulk preferably on the east side?

I need 4-5 pounds

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    1. Gioia Cheese in El Monte is my go to for fresh mascarpone cheese in bulk. A 3-4 lb. tub will only set you back $20. Fresh ricotta is available in a 3-4 lb. tub for $6. Fresh mozzarella is available in a 3 lb. tub in different sizes for $12. And you can't walk out without a $6 1 lb. tub of their amazing burrata. The cheeses don't get packaged until you order them in the there's a slight 5 minute wait for your order. It's cash only, so please be prepared.

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        Everything poster above said. Great quality and fresh cheeses.