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Apr 18, 2012 07:56 AM

Edina Whole Foods Opening

what are your impressions? how does it compare to other WH stores? will it keep you away from Byerlys?

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  1. It's open now? That's good to know.

    I head heard that Byerly's was going to tear down their existing store and build a larger one on the same lot, but I don't know if that's confirmed or on a schedule.

    1. Stopped in yesterday by accident, it was crazy busy, so it was kind of hard to navigate. Everything in the fish and meat dept was new and fresh, got some lovely halibut steaks. I don't know quite how to say this, but the staff seemed less hipster/slacker than some other WFs. I think people who live on that side of town will be pleased. I'd go back if the turnover keeps the fish fresh.

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        The hipster/slacker factor is a puzzle at Whole Foods. I'm familiar with their MO in the Bay Area where they had close to 20 stores. I lived behind the Berkeley Whole Foods, and as you would imagine the staff was hipster/slacker-riffic. There are no food coops in the Bay Area, and I felt like the vibe was decidedly "coop-y". Given that coops are more than just a vibe I think it's interesting to see how they've evolved and grown into this market amidst a strong local foods coop movement. They are definitely heating up the marketplace. Lunds/Byerlys must be feeling the pressure. IMO Hipster Slackers have the potential to offer great customer service, as long as the slacker factor is not over emphasized....

        1. re: keg

          Absolutely agree with you on the hipster service potential, the Calhoun store has great service.

      2. I swung by for lunch. Definitely a much bigger prepared food selection than the Calhoun Whole Foods. I am always disappointed by that one when I swing by to look at the salad bar.