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Apr 18, 2012 07:51 AM

Bad Beatrice milk at Pharma Plus

I like Beatrice milk and I used to buy it at PharmaPlus store at Yonge/Eglinton.
Recently, a new PharmaPlus opened on Avenue Road. Yesterday, I bought a 2 lt carton at the store
At the cash I realized that it was cheaper than usual (3.99 vs 4.59). The expiry date was Apr 27, so it was well within the valid date. At home I discovered that the milk was bad, with a bitter taste.
I remembered that it had already happened before at the same store: I bought a carton of Beatrice milk for 3.99 and it was bad.
I’m wondering if it’s the store who is selling bad milk at a discount price, or it’s the company who rigs the expiry date?
Has anyone had similar experience with Beatrice milk?

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  1. I'd vote for bum storage before it hit the cooler. Seems the take-home lesson is don't buy milk from a pharmacy.

    A Shoppers near me just expanded into dairy. I see the milk sitting in crates in the sun out back for Lord knows how long before it's shifted inside plus I see no 'fridged storage inside apart from the floor display--hmmm.