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Apr 18, 2012 07:34 AM

Smoke's Poutinerie? Anyone been?

Walked by this new place on bishop called Smoke's Poutinerie. Looks like a chain from Ontario. Did a quick search on the board and didn't come up with much.

Anyone been? Any comments?

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  1. Tried the one in Tremblant, it's meh, fries we're good, but sauces are weak, not much flavor depth, i much prefer a place like La Banquise

    1. I haven't been, but a friend has and she reports pretty much what I expected. Fries are pretty good. The cheese is not squeaky and too melty (was probably refrigerated). The sauce is beef gravy. Ingredients are generally mediocre quality, but portions are large.

      Nothing that's makes me want to go there, but I'm sure it'll be a hit with Concordia students.

      1. I've tried the it at the location in Toronto........had the pulled pork poutine. I enjoyed it, however I don't have a lot of experience with poutine or authentic poutine. In Ontario, I find most places use beef gravy, even though it is supposed to be chicken gravy.
        I'm coming to Montreal in June and will be hoping for my best poutine experience yet.

        1. Actually went there yesterday. Took me a while to decide on which poutine to try, as there were many kinds. I finally decided on the pull pork poutine. It was really disappointing. The sauce pretty much ruined it, it wasn't hot enough, so the cheese didn't melt.... and the fries were not that great either. With a price tag of 7.49 to 7.99 for a small size, and 9.99 for a large one, I found it quite expensive for that area.... I think if it was the same price but in Tremblant, I would be OK with it, but in the Concordia area, not so much. Oh, the service was slooooow.

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            Cheese curds (fromage en grais), the original chesse used for poutine, are not supposed to melt. If you don't hear the sweek swqeek and it does melt it's not original poutine cheese.