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Apr 18, 2012 06:25 AM

Dinner around 42nd near (ish)helmsley hotel

I am looking for a rec for dinner saturday night for six people close to hotel. No sushi.
Something not super expensive but on the more casual side. Big fans of italian and french.
Thanks for your help.

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    1. re: Phil Ogelos

      Looks like it's on 42nd between 2nd and 3rd ave.

    2. Hunan manor is about a 5 min walk away and has some of the best chinese food in the city. Search here and you'll find a lot of recommended dishes

      1. Osteria Laguna is a nice, casual room, the Italian cuisine is pretty good by my estimation, not super expensive, and it's directly -I mean, directly- across from the front door of the Helmsley.