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Apr 18, 2012 06:09 AM

diners and dives in vegas.

will be there 3 days. suggestions?

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  1. I suggest you ask this on Chowhound's Las Vegas board. Though I'm sure it has been asked before on that site. There are a number of such places around Las Vegas, some of which I've been to - though not recently - but whose names are hazy in my mind at the moment. Pay particular attention to the many postings of Dave Feldman, a New Yorker who visits Las Vegas regularly, and seems to specialize in finding offbeat, under-the-radar such joints around town. He has tipped me off to many good ones, and only the occasional dud.

      1. Dave Feldman is the man in Vegas.

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          I'm not in Las Vegas, and I'm barely a man, but thanks for the kind words, P.D. and Juno. Are you there, Andre?

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            As Andremarty's query first appeared on the Ontario (including Toronto) board, and got summarily bounced (along with my original response) over to the Las Vegas board, he/she may be puzzled as to what happened to his/her post - though the powers-that-be often privately e-mail those affected by such an appropriate move. In which case, the OP may have to spend his/her three days in Las Vegas totally uninformed on its diners and dives. Too bad. I was kinda hoping to be updated on the subject myself.

            1. re: juno

              To be honest, I've never totally understood the concept of DDD, as it covers such a wide range of non-fancy restaurants. For example, is the Hash House on Decatur a diner? I have a feeling FIeri would be more likely to visit Hash House A-Go-Go, except that's a chain. I guess the Black Bear Diner on West Tropicana is closest to the feel of a Fieri-like dive, and yet in its own way, the Peppermill feels more like "real" Vegas. And for that matter, both places are "chains," albeit small regional ones.

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                For what its worth, Fieri jus did a second pass through of Las Vegas earlier this year, for shows to be broadcast in late spring. On the list were Naked City Pizza, Forte, Bachi Burger and Lola's. We can applaud the first three for both their product and uniqueness, but Lola's was a surprise - have wanted to like the place because when they opened that kind of cuisine was extremely under-represented in Las Vegas (though things are now getting much better), but they have been woefully inconsistent.

                1. re: Dave Feldman

                  I think what the OP is looking for - should he/she ever emerge from the shadows - are distinct, inexpensive, preferably one-of-a-kind joints that have been around awhile and, possibly, help give a community its soul. The trouble is, many distinct joints get cloned the moment they're successful, so one-of-a-kind is getting hard to find. Hash House A-Go-Go? A tad too expensive to qualify, though kinda fun. Black Bear Diner? Not particularly distinct. Peppermill? That's more like it. Distinctly Vegas - though it also ain't cheap. But it alone comes closest to the DDD style. Even better, though, are the idiosyncratic spots you've uncovered over the past several years, Dave. Valid, legitimate dives. Names escape me at the moment, but I recall a Middle East joint in the northwest part of town, a Mexican spot, a place near the South Point for southern cooking. Not sure if they even exist any more (I've not been in Las Vegas for awhile) but I think I could find them again next time I get to town in a few months. They're worth chasing down.

                  1. re: juno

                    Catfish Alley is the one near the South Point, but now it has opened up at a 2nd location in the Hawaiian Marketplace on the Strip with plans to open as many as 300 restaurants in the next 5 years.

                    I would add places like Los Antojos, KoMex, Los Molcajetes, M&M Soul Food, David Wong's Pan Asian, La Mexicana, Beijing Noodle Cafe, Forte and Weera Thai.

                    For breakfast/lunch try Bread and Butter or Baguette Cafe.