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Apr 18, 2012 05:56 AM

Downtown MPLS - mid priced for government travelers

Hi MSP Chowhounders -

I have been combing this board for walking distance recs in downtown Mpls (staying at Radisson) dinner at a mid-price level for persons on a state government expense account. You can imagine that is not like Don Draper's expense account.

I would describe mid-price for dinner as no or few dinner entrees over $25. Not traveling with chowhounders - don't know how adventurous they are - so looking for a creative menu with some dishes that appeal to less adventurous. We do all like a nice glass or two of wine, however.

Must say, not finding a lot in price range meeting food style criteria.

Ike's (no prices posted but menu seems like it would fit price criteria),
Firelake (some over the limit, but lots of plates within price range),
Saffron (might be too adventurous for some),
Bradstreet/Crafthouse (seems like a bar with some bar food.)

Any other thoughts? All on the list above are at the higher end of the price criteria. I am totally unfamiliar with Minneapolis. I see we are right by the Skyway and Nicollet Mall - there must be some restaurants in this area with a lower price range.

Am coming from the desert southwest, so Mexican cuisine is of no interest to us.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think 112 is one of the most reasonable, delicious places in town. I usually get a salad (around $8) and a half pasta ($12/13) and am stuffed.
    Ike's is good for burgers. The bar menu at Vincent is good and affordable. I like Keiran's and the Local for less expensive (but less creative), solid options.

    1. How many of you are there? 112 Eatery doesn't have a great amount of space.

      Firelake is in your hotel, so that makes it convenient. Food pretty good.

      But I think Mission American Kitchen is what you are looking for (one block away).

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      1. re: Brad Ballinger

        Thanks Brad and meljohns for such quick replies! There are only 3 of us. Thanks for the recommendations! They really help!

      2. I'd also add the following to the list of moderately priced places downtown that will have Chow-ish choices and items that will appeal to the less adventurous.

        Zelo - Italian about 1.5 blocks from your hotel.

        The Dakota - restaurant and music club about 2 blocks from the hotel. You may or may not be lucky to find some music that you'd enjoy. Most entrees on the menu are <$25. Note that if there's a "national" musical act, the cost would be higher. Menu and show details at

        Masa - "Nuevo" Mexican about 3 blocks from the hotel - as imagined by and for Minnesotans. I think everything is <$25.

        I think the food at each of these places is solid. Not the top food in the city, but certainly decent places for the business traveler.

        1. Try The Oak Grill which is on the 8th floor of Macy's, very close to your hotel. Good, solid food...not too expensive and plenty for the non-adventurous diner to enjoy. Plus great ambiance.

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          1. re: gryffindor249

            Thanks to all for your great input.

            As it turns out, we ended up at Fire Lake last night - traveling companion's luggage didn't show up and she did not want to go anywhere...just some wine and food for us. She enjoyed her meal - 1881 Rotisserie Strip Loin Dip and I enjoyed a wonderful bone-in chicken breast: Hunter Crusted Chicken - perfectly done. Good wines by the glass, too. We ate in the bar. Very casual and comfortable.