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Apr 18, 2012 05:42 AM

Great family-friendly & date night restaurants in Oahu?

My husband, one-year old daughter, parents & I will be traveling to Oahu in May. Two questions.. What is a great family-friendly restaurant we can all go to? Looking for good food/atmosphere. Also, what is a great date night restaurant for my husband & me to go to (without our daughter/parents)? Preferably Hawaiian/Japanese cuisine & a mid-level price range for both. Thanks!

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  1. Where will you be and for how long?

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    1. re: Joebob

      We'll be staying in Waikiki & Ko Olina for a total of 10 days..

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        Zippy's (everywhere e.g. Kapolei) are family-friendly and inexpensive. My understanding is that food is expensive at the Aulani, but I do not have personal experience of that. There are many Japanese restaurants in/near Waikiki, but others must comment on them. Roy's in Ko Olina is not the best Roy's, but the mid-priced food is good, as it is at the Thai Lao Rest. in Kapolei. Roy's is date-night material, but there are many date-worthy places in Waikiki. The whole family might enjoy a luau and I am sure they would pick you up from Waikiki.

    2. OK, I've gotten over my shock at Joebob recommending Zippy's. In addition to Zippy's I'd consider Big City Diner, Kakaako Kitchen, and maybe Side Street Inn, although not so much family oriented there.

      For date night, on the upper side of moderate but not expensive Dukes Waikiki, Town, 3660, 12th Avenue Grill, maybe Salt- but its a bit less romantic more high energy. If you want to splurge a bit more then Hau Tree Lanai.

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        :-) Love your first sentence! My thoughts exactly!

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          Awesome! I was looking for something more along those lines.. Thank you both!

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            Any suggestions for a higher end date night place? Good food, drinks, great atmosphere..

            1. re: crishah75

              i think if you check out the thread about the Hale Aina awards, then come back with specific questions about places that look interesting to you we might be able to be more helpful. The top few would be Alan Wongs, Chef Mavro, Roy's, Nobu's, Le Bistro, and depending on the re-opening schedule La Mer.