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Apr 18, 2012 02:03 AM

ribs in Paris (raw, from a butcher)

Hi there,

I've found my perfect spot for good steak (Le Couteau d'Argent in Asnieres) but I have yet to find a place that doesn't look at me crosseyed when I ask for bbq ribs (NOT the pre-marinated kind that they sometimes have in Auchan that's labeled as "ribs tex-mex"). Any suggestions?

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  1. Every , I mean every, butcher has travers de porc. Or do you live in an exclusively Halal neighborhood ?

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    1. re: Parigi

      Sure, but those are not the same as what I'm looking for. Travers de porc are cut way too short, and are from the wrong part of the ribs.
      Travers de porc:
      St louis ribs:
      That's not to say that they aren't close, but it's not the same thing.

      1. re: phillamb168

        St. Louis ribs in French are called "plat de côtes de porc" and the best place to buy them is the Chinese supermarkets like Tang Frères.

        1. re: Ptipois

          Thank you so much! I will check it out this weekend. I needed an excuse to go to Tang Freres anyway. Are they a special order Item?

          1. re: phillamb168

            No, they're available ready-cut, in slabs. They can bear different names, sometimes "plat de côtes de porc", sometimes "os de porc". They are different from travers because the bones are longer and there is no layer of fat on top. You'll find them either at Tang or at Paristore, any Chinese meat market really.

          2. re: Ptipois

            I went to Tang Freres on Friday. My mistake was going at 6pm, and there was absolutely NOTHING left! Which, while annoying, is in my mind a Very Good Thing, as it means they don't have meat just sitting around. High turnover = fresh food.

            Anyway I'll try again perhaps Monday morning.

            1. re: phillamb168

              You've got a few other places in the area wher you can get the same cuts of meat. Avenue d'Ivry: Paristore, Big Store, and another Tang Frères location, hidden below a shopping mall entranceway next door to Paristore, near the escalators; if you go up the escalators and walk straight ahead into the shopping mall, then to the left, there's a good Chinese butcher there. Another Tang market closer to place d'Italie on avenue de Choisy. Avenue de Choisy: Europasie, an interesting Cambodian-Chinese market near the Tricotin restaurant; then you've got Dong-Nam and Exo-Store on the right-hand sidewalk. All these places have butcher stalls. They're generally located at the far end of each store.

      2. Longe de porc. Try a chinese butcher. French travers are "babyback".

        1. For those of you playing along at home, my research has found that what I'm looking for in Chinatown is called 排骨 (Páigǔ). A quick google image search has me feeling pretty confident. I'll be headed over to Tang Freres tomorrow morning first thing to try my luck again.

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              1. re: phillamb168

                But actually it is a very commonplace cut, found on every Chiense restaurant menu and is also a standard dimsum dish. Really. This part of no joke.

                1. re: Parigi

                  I thought it was a joke :-)

                  But yes, believe it or not I never made the connection between the two, although char siu and dimsum both use it in its uncut form. I am super excited about tomorrow AM (plus I get more pandan cua pao!!!)