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Apr 18, 2012 12:10 AM

Patricia Wells: Food Lover's Guide to Paris is an IPHONE app!

I just saw that Patricia Wells has finally updated her Food Lover's Guide to Paris, and it is available as an app for the IPHONE, IPAD, and ITOUCH. I know that she has been working on this very hard for over a year, eating out constantly in Paris. : - )

Here is some info from the site:

Discover more than 350 of the city’s ultimate culinary destinations, updated for 2012 and tested by Patricia and her team, with concise overview details and focused, dependable commentary. Includes Patricia’s discriminating selection of Paris restaurants, cafes, wine bars, bakeries, pastry shops, chocolate shops, cheese shops, markets and specialty shops.

Search the app contents by category or neighborhood, or by particular restaurant specifics such as price, cuisine type, specialties or restaurant details like vegetarian-friendly or Michelin-star rating.

A map of Paris shows all selected addresses, with color-coded pins and GPS locations to guide you to the best restaurants, shops and markets in the vicinity, wherever you may be. Each destination includes commentary, address, contact phone number and opening hours. App users can call numbers directly, link to web sites and find relevant directions. Photos are included for many destinations.

A-Z glossary of French culinary terms to help translate menus on the spot.

More info:

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  1. If your Iphone is in airplane mode with no wifi, will any of the content of the app still be accessible?

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    1. re: Ian F

      Depends on the App. I have travel guides on mine that work fine (obviously links don't) but then I have a restaurant guide that doesn't. The restaurant guide I think link to a database which is quite dynamic with lots of news etc. The travel guides are more like normal books with phone numbers and links to google maps, so th content is always there but the links out don't work.

      If you want to avoid roaming charges etc buy a local pre-pais SIM card in Paris (get the phone unlocked first).

    2. I just bought guide for my iPad. Think of it as a travel guide. There are two mapping sections. One is GPS and shows where you are now and what is around you. Then the individual resto listings have a link to individual Google maps.

      The "Pat's picks" section for restos is very, very limited. But you can search for businesses by several criteria (price, location--arr., open hours, specialty, etc.) It's not enough info for me. I still would take resto names from a source like Chowhound. I give it a "B."

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      1. re: ScottnZelda

        I bought the app, too, and generally I think that the major Paris food blogs--Paris by Mouth, David Lebovitz, Hungry for Paris, etc. are a much better and more fun and reliable source of information than this app, which just feels kinda creaky to me--the writing's just not that good, and the selection couldn't be accused of being cutting edge.