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Apr 17, 2012 10:46 PM

"Next Food Network Star".....some of these contestants look familiar.....

Anybody willing to admit interest?

Michelle Ragussis?

Justin Warners?

Were they on Chopped maybe?

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  1. Don't remember Justin but I think you're right about Michelle. In fact, I think she was on Chopped twice. Her original episode and a redemptio episode?

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      Wiki has a Chopped episodes database.

    2. I thought, seeing the ads, that a few faces were familiar. I don't know if I will like this new season. I saw Giada says something to the effect that if they have the personality but not the cooking skills, she can teach them. What is that about?

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        Why am I not the least bit surprised that Giada would say something like that.

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          The FN Next star page. The 15 contestants are assigned to 'teams', with Giada, Bobby, and Alton as mentors. Past Star seasons have had instructional components (on to act on camera, come up with a focus, etc). Looks they are formalizing that instruction, along the lines of 'worst cooks'. The online summary is "Food Network icons coach their teams to success on camera and in the kitchen."

          Glancing at the bios, contestants come with a wide range of culinary experience. Some have food businesses (catering, exec chef etc), others appear to be new. So some may need more cooking training, others more 'on-camera' training.

          Don't forget that FN stages these programs because they attract viewers. If they get a good 'star' out of the process, so much the better, but that isn't the primary reason.

          1. re: paulj

            Paul, I think you're right. FN doesn't really care if they get a viable "star". It's the show itself that's the attraction, not the person who ultimately wins it.

          2. re: libgirl2

            That sounds like Giada.

            If some knows about not learning proper cooking skills it's her.

            1. re: Withnail42


              how do I write a cat hissing noise on here?
              I agree that her choices of things she makes are not my cup of tea usually because on her shows she often uses prepared foods, boxed mixes etc. I use them too but if I have time I prefer to do it from scratch. but she's a graduate of culinary school so she actually does know probably more than most in here, myself included.

            2. re: libgirl2

              Bobby says the opposite in his commercial.

              1. re: Shrinkrap

                So what? Who expects real information from commercials? They are teasers, intended to spark your interest, not inform. The web site is a bit (just a bit) more informative. Judging from that I think FN is going to play up the contrasting styles of the 3 mentors. It's going to be as much about them as about the contestants.

                1. re: Shrinkrap

                  I'd love to meet Bobby, now that man has some serious skills.

                2. re: libgirl2


                  "Giada says something to the effect that if they have the personality but not the cooking skills, she can teach them." I don't have a problem with that. I think the personality is what originally brings us to watch a show, it does for me. if I'm watching a boring person who is an exceptional cook, I'll no doubt tire of it quickly.

                3. that white spiky haired lady was on chopped and 24 hour restaurant with host Scott Conant.
                  Justin was on 24 hour restaurant also.
                  I saw them myself on those shows.