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Apr 17, 2012 10:30 PM

Special birthday lunch or dinner in St. Louis

My friend is turning 30 and just got engaged, and we are trying to find two nice but reasonably priced restaurants for lunch and dinner with a small group to celebrate both events. Approximately $10-14 per entree (or less).

Some options may be Aya Sofia or Pi, or Cardwell's or 1111 Mississippi for lunch which I've seen recommended on here. I Fratellini was at the top of our list with its food and intimate setting, but it is too pricey for the group. Any suggestions for a reasonably priced, fancier place with consistently good food?

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  1. I guess I don't think of Fratellini as being more expensive than 1111, but if you're thinking Frat's dinner vs. 1111's lunch, then it's probably so. There's a nice glass-enclosed room @ 1111 that would be very pleasant for you. Cardwell's is not going to be in your price range, either, unless you're talking lunch; they have side rooms which work well for really small groups, although they're not closed off from the main room. You might also look at the lunch menu at The Crossing in Clayton. Dinner at those prices isn't really going to bring you fancier places - fun, yes, fancy, not so much.

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      Fratellini doesn't have prices on their lunch menu, so I was assuming even for lunch it would be much over $10ish. 1111's and Cardwell could only be for lunch - 1111 is surprisingly $8-12 an entree for lunch. Dinner at any of those 3 would be way out of the price range.

      I guess I shouldn't have said fancy. I realize fancy isn't really going to happen, but I wanted it at least somewhat nice. Fun would be good too. If you could go anywhere in St. Louis in that price range for a celebratory lunch or dinner, where would you go?

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        Please make sure Fratellini is open for lunch. I'm thinking they don't do lunch; I live about 5 blocks away and don't recall seeing folks going in and out. Cardwell's - I assume you mean Cardwell's at the Plaza, not the one in Clayton? - can have a bit of an attitude from the hostesses, but the food is good. I have a real soft spot for 1111 for lunch, r/t some fond memories.

        Take a look at Home Wine Kitchen's menu; the food is really good, and depending on how many you've got, you could maybe even get the upstairs room. And Robust in Webster is also good.

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          How about Five Bistro for lunch?

          I have not checked the menu but I believe it would fall into your range.

          i did just look but can't find a lunch menu....So not sure but maybe someone else is...

          1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

            Five Bistro no longer serves lunch (they stopped a 2-3 montha ago).

            1. re: michaelstl

              No wonder I can't find a lunch menu!


      2. Another place I love. Not quite as modern maybe as the places you have listed or others have but definitely in your price range and I really like the food, is Mama Josephines. It is "down home" cooking. Much more casual than alot these other places but great for a small group IMO. I see them there every time I go.

        1. Just throwing this out there: The Fountain on Locust has entree salads and sandwiches in the $8 range, which leaves room in your budget for their ice cream cocktails and martinis and fun desserts. Could see this as a very fun time with the girlfriends, especially if scheduled in the middle of the afternoon when they might not be very busy.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions!

            1. What about Half and Half in Clayton? That is the day side of the restaurant and then at night it changes to Medianoche.I think both sides are less expensive than Cardwells. Whenever I am with a group of women, I always suggest Robust in Webster. My BF, however, calls it "that place where everyone looks like they are at a book club meeting."

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                If that's what you're seeing @ Robust, you're going at the wrong time of day....