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Do you remember the first steak you had?

How old were you?

How did you come to eat that first steak? Someone buy it for you? You decided to buy it for yourself? Did you cook it? Eat it at a restaurant?

Did you like it? I mean, your first steak experience, did you like steak at that point?

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  1. It was a thin steak cut from the round or similar cheap cut. Marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and ginger and grilled to the point of dessication by my raw food-averse parents. No wonder I didn't like steak until I moved out.

    1. I've been eating steak since before I can remember, so there is no memory of the first time, but there have been other first times. One of my first "great steak" memories was a summer night. My mother went to a well known Manhattan butcher and bought a chateaubriand. It was one of the best steaks I had ever tasted and I remember it made me question (as a 7-year-old) why all steaks didn't taste that good.

      Another epiphany was my first visit to Peter Luger. Absolutely eye opening.

      1. As RealMen stated - very young and hated it cause it was broiled "to the point of dessication"!!! When I was 16 my late SIL cooked steak and actually made it med. rare WOW what a difference - now I love it but "leaping and mooing".

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          Ha! Count me in as another child whose father cooked steak (always the cheapest cuts) "to the point of dessication."

          My first memory of "steak" was my dad's Sunday steak lunches. Those steaks were absolutely awful and I remember forcing myself to eat a couple of bites. It wasn't until I met my husband that I remember eating really good steaks.

        2. I think I was seven and it was at a friend's birthday party being held at a local Ponderosa. I remember it being a sirloin (or whatever it was that Ponderosa sold as sirloin), ordered medium-well because that was how everyone had theirs, and came with mushrooms (canned and reheated) and baked potato.

          Before this point I had never had a large piece of unadorned cow. I decided I liked steak at this point, but it didn't take very long to realize there were much better ones.

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            I remember eating at Ponderosa Steakhouse. Can't remember what city we lived in then. Either Ponderosa or Sizzler were probably the earliest steaks I can remember, and thinking that they were "good" steaks because you could cut them with a fork.

          2. Cube steak was a favorite dish around my house. I thought that *was* steak. The first time I remember eating "real" steak I was about 12, had grilled ribeyes at a cattle ranch owned by friends. End of the season blowout party. I absolutely loved it and I think may have tussled with the ranch dogs to gnaw the bones.

            1. I too have been eating steak since before I can remember. My mom once told me that when she introduced it to me, mixed/puréed with mashed potatoes, I kept saying "miam! miam! miam!" (I'm French!) - I could not speak yet, but sure loved that steak!

              1. For as long as I can remember, my parents' steak of choice was always London Broil, & my dad could (& still can) cook a mean one. Always tender & juicy, with the perfect amount of well-done ends & rare center (my favorite) so that everyone could have slices of their favorite. Loved it from Day 1 & always will (so long as my dad is making it!).

                1. Mom was terrible at cooking steak. Made them into shoe leather to the point I didnt even know it was meat. Then when I was 7 Dad put his foot down and said I want it warm and bloody! His steak looked so juicy and smelled so good I made Dad fork over a piece and I was in bliss! It was so tender, meaty, and full of rich flavor. From that day on I vowed never to even attempt to eat a steak any other way and Mom had 2 people to make raw steak as she liked to call it. To her even a hint of pink was raw.

                  1. I was 14. It was my brothers 18th birthday and we were on a beach in Goa, sitting in a covered patio; feet in the sand while rain pounded on the roof. I spied steak on the menu. This was a rare sight in India so I slam my menu shut and announce that I am ready to order.
                    I spent the next 10 minutes wondering what it would be like to finally eat something i had only ever read about.
                    Though it tasted amazing at the time (mushrooom & peppercorn gravy), it was a thin, very lean piece of meat that was in no way a good representation of the dish.

                    still loved it though.

                    1. I grew up with my grandparents owning a cattle farm so steak was a staple. My mother always had hers well done and I hated that. But Grandpa...oh Grandpa knew how to eat meat. He always had a t-bone with bloody juices floating on the plate. He taught me how to eat steak. Med-rare is the best now. I always cringe when I hear someone order a steak well-done. I don't understand the need to chew it til my jaw hurts. I like it to melt in my mouth.

                      1. I was eating bits of steak at home since I had teeth to chew, but definiteoy remember my first Reataurant steaks. It happens that both maternal and paternal grandparents took our family out for my 3rd birthday (55+ years ago) for steak on the same weekend. Saturday night paternal grandparents (lived in Brooklyn) took us to Peter Luger's and I experienced my first of many great porterhouse steaks there. To this day I continue to carry my late grandfather's Luger's Charge Card (numbered in the 200 series). On Sunday afternoon, the maternal grandparents from the Bronx took us to a matinee on Broadway and then dinner at The Old Homestead. I had a NY Strip. To this day I prefer the porterhouse and Luger's to Old Homesatead.

                        1. No, but it was not likely to be something to remember.

                          My mother was big into "steaks," but then my father was not a "grill master," so the results could vary.

                          Still,I appreciate a great steak,and have a list of the "ultimate" versions, beyond my my Lynx.


                          1. Can't say that I remember my first, as I too was probablly quite young. I do recall having steaks where we lived until I was about 7, so it was definitely before that. I remember steakin those days being a large sirloin, grilled as one piece and then cut to portion. Dad grilled them to about medium rare, perhaps overshooting that sometimes. Liked it then, still love a decent steak. Doesn't even have to be a great cut, there are ways to make a "cheap" steak taste good. Pretty much DOES have to be grilled though, and over charcoal or wood (or both). I;ve often said, "there's nothing like grilled beef!"

                            1. I grew up in a restaurant family, so I was probably eating steak before I could remember. The only cuts of beef I ever ate at home, or the restaurant, were New York Strip or Filet Mignon, as those were the only cuts my father purchased for his multiple restaurants. Growing up, I only knew beef existed as steaks, prime rib, burgers or roast beef cold cuts......Never ever had braised beef pot roast, or even meat loaf .

                              However, I do know the the very first steak I ordered out for myself was when I was four years old, at Manero's Steakhouse in New Jersey. I believe extended family members owned other locations in New York and Connecticut . I remember the owner used and my father were friends. He brought his family to my father's place and my father reciprocated with ours.


                              1. My first steak experience has so many sweet memories wrapped around it - Ohio, 1967 or so, in the back yard. Dad's tending what I seem to recall is a large black Weber bbq. The other kids are playing in the pool, except for the littlest ones who are splashing and shrieking and playing in a shallow kiddie pool. The grownups are lounging in chairs with broad plastic straps in bright colors as the upholstery.They are holding drinks and laughing uproariously, and a wonderful smell wafts towards me. I know that it is a smoky, meaty smell, but I don't know what it is.
                                Dinner!! I am handed a plate with strips of bright pink meat; moist and juicy looking. Someone cuts it up for me and I take a bite.
                                Oh, a coppery, rich taste fills my mouth along with the juices from the succulent steak. It's so tender that it doesn't take much chewing; more as if it melts in my mouth. Unless I miss my guess, it was filet mignon wrapped in bacon, because I remember another sharp, smoky taste making itself known every now and again.
                                So to answer your question, yes, I LOVED my first steak experience. Loved it.

                                1. I was an extremely fussy eater as a child, and I remember many unhappy hours spent in front of a plate of steak pizziol, as it was known. While everyone else ate heartily, I would eye the steak suspiciously, certain that beneath its shawl of sauce lay hidden pieces of fat and wide swaths of gristle. Fast forward, and many years later, my father, who was a real meat eater, had bought a Hibachi gill for the patio of our new house in a much more suburban location that I despised. I remember accompanying my father to the butcher on the shopping strip with our dog, who would beg the butcher for pieces of liverwurst, and buying T-bone steaks that my father would grill over the coals. Now this I could get behind since it was easy to see the fat, and there was no gristle. And that was when I fell in love with steak.

                                  1. Our area in the former East zone of Germany where i grew up, was not exactly known for any type of Steak, but then moving as a 14 year old to Cologne, I can pretty much pinpoint eating my first Steak a year later. My father enjoyed a Rump-steak every so often with lots of Onions on the side and since I liked it too, my mother would make it for the both of us.
                                    Now eating my first really good steak here as a 21 year old in the US was a whole different "animal"! What a difference, tender and certainly easier to chew :-)!

                                    1. 1973-74 my dad would have "London Broil" for himself at least once a week. Ate it with Campbell's baked beans. I was about 4 and curious looking at him and his steak and beans. My mom watching would say "give him some David" (that's my dad's name). My dad would say "but he's just gonna spit it out". He'd give me some tho' and it was good. And I'd chew and chew like it was gum and I was getting all of the flavor out of it. Until the flavor was gone and like a piece of gum I'd spit it out.

                                      1. I can't say I clearly remember eating my first steak but I do remember going to our neighbors farm for Christmas dinner once. I was asked if I wanted a moose steak. Moose wasn't anything special to me but I said yes. Because there were so many guests at the dinner lots of us were eating on our laps sitting around a big living room. When I was called to come and get my steak it was on a big platter. It had to have been twelve inches across and two inches thick! I took the platter. I could have put other foods on it but there was no room. I sat down and started to cut up the steak. It was excellent if memory serves. (Everyone knew how to cook excellent meat cuts back then.) About twenty people were sitting around eating and talking. In the middle of the living room was a big carpet. A couple of the neighbors dogs, the big ones we used to call 'wiener' dogs sauntered into the middle of the room. We were all happily eating our Christmas dinners when one of the dogs proceeded to mount the other dog and they proceeded to copulate for the next half hour happily locked together in bliss. No one said anything but I think I remember some of the women taking their dinners and leaving the living room.

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                                          OMG, that is the best reply to any board messages I have read in a long time. What a funny story. Life on a farm, there just isn't anything better and more random. love it

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                                            Gives the term "Chowhound" a whole new dimension, doesn't it?

                                        2. the first steak I had? no.
                                          the best steak I had? yes.
                                          in high school my counselor and I had gotten very close.
                                          he registered me for this brand new high school plus I was new to the area but many were students coming up from the junior high on same premises. he knew them, but not me.
                                          in my junior year he said if I got straight A's he'd take me to dinner and buy me a steak. I did and he did. I was allowed to bring a friend, I took my best girlfriend (my husband now-boyfriend then was annoyed). he and his wife took me/us to the Queens Arms on Ventura Blvd.
                                          I didn't know what to order so he ordered for me-filet mignon with all the other stuff that came with it. by far to this very day the best steak I've ever had and none other has come close- that includes Peter Lugars. fork tender, wonderful flavor, so good.

                                          1. I grew up eating thinly sliced bistek, thinking that was steak. Those thickly cut slabs of meat that get prime billing at Peter Luger's or the Chophouse were totally outside my realm of experience, though I knew they existed. Probably around 19 or 20 years old, I was invited over to a friend's house where she was grilling thick porterhouses seasoned with nothing but Lawry's and pepper. I slathered it with steak sauce because that is how I thought one was supposed to eat steak. It was a bit odd to me to eat a huge piece of meat without any vegetable or adornments, and while it was good enough, it's not something I too often crave.

                                            1. My first steak was sometime around fourth grade in a Black Angus restaurant. It was actually the first non-Chinese restaurant I went to that wasn't fast-food. I think I selected a T-Bone steak because I had seen cartoons about it. I was a bit shocked when the steak wasn't actually in the shape of a "T".

                                              I loved it--probably because it was so exotic. Even more exotic was the raw veggies in the salad. I had never eaten so many raw veggies before in my life because my parents had always cooked our veggies, which is standard for Cantonese cooking.

                                              1. When we had "steak" at home it was always seasoned, floured and pounded round steak, fried and then with gravy made in the pan, or else it was the same meat made as Swiss steak. But when I was around 15, a boyhood friend of my dad's, who had a couple of grocery stores, bought the Grand Champion Steer at the county fair, and a month or so later invited us all to their place for a steak supper. All T-bones and Porterhouse, as I recall, cooked in hot iron skillets on two stoves, accompanied by potato salad and corn on the cob - I'm sure there was an iceberg-and-something salad, too - and not only did I have my first REAL steak, but my second as well! I think it was about three more years before I'd have another …

                                                1. Absolutely. I was six years old and my Air Force family was living in Montgomery, AL. My parents discovered a steakhouse near where we lived, and we ended up eating there quite a lot. You ordered your steak how you wanted it cooked (rare, etc.), and the steak arrived, perfectly cooked, with a wooden pick stuck in it, bearing the appropriate label, e.g., rare, medium rare. Steaks came with baked potato and a good salad. We all loved this place.