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Apr 17, 2012 09:53 PM

Do you remember the first steak you had?

How old were you?

How did you come to eat that first steak? Someone buy it for you? You decided to buy it for yourself? Did you cook it? Eat it at a restaurant?

Did you like it? I mean, your first steak experience, did you like steak at that point?

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  1. It was a thin steak cut from the round or similar cheap cut. Marinated in soy sauce, garlic, and ginger and grilled to the point of dessication by my raw food-averse parents. No wonder I didn't like steak until I moved out.

    1. I've been eating steak since before I can remember, so there is no memory of the first time, but there have been other first times. One of my first "great steak" memories was a summer night. My mother went to a well known Manhattan butcher and bought a chateaubriand. It was one of the best steaks I had ever tasted and I remember it made me question (as a 7-year-old) why all steaks didn't taste that good.

      Another epiphany was my first visit to Peter Luger. Absolutely eye opening.

      1. As RealMen stated - very young and hated it cause it was broiled "to the point of dessication"!!! When I was 16 my late SIL cooked steak and actually made it med. rare WOW what a difference - now I love it but "leaping and mooing".

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          Ha! Count me in as another child whose father cooked steak (always the cheapest cuts) "to the point of dessication."

          My first memory of "steak" was my dad's Sunday steak lunches. Those steaks were absolutely awful and I remember forcing myself to eat a couple of bites. It wasn't until I met my husband that I remember eating really good steaks.

        2. I think I was seven and it was at a friend's birthday party being held at a local Ponderosa. I remember it being a sirloin (or whatever it was that Ponderosa sold as sirloin), ordered medium-well because that was how everyone had theirs, and came with mushrooms (canned and reheated) and baked potato.

          Before this point I had never had a large piece of unadorned cow. I decided I liked steak at this point, but it didn't take very long to realize there were much better ones.

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          1. re: wattacetti

            I remember eating at Ponderosa Steakhouse. Can't remember what city we lived in then. Either Ponderosa or Sizzler were probably the earliest steaks I can remember, and thinking that they were "good" steaks because you could cut them with a fork.

          2. Cube steak was a favorite dish around my house. I thought that *was* steak. The first time I remember eating "real" steak I was about 12, had grilled ribeyes at a cattle ranch owned by friends. End of the season blowout party. I absolutely loved it and I think may have tussled with the ranch dogs to gnaw the bones.