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Best Falafel, kefta, shawarma

I went to Khumar on Main St in Paterson, great falafel, kefta and shawarma. Far better than anything in NYC. The price was right also. The pita was thin and fresh and heated up on the coal grill. Great place. Does anyone know any others

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    1. re: fourunder

      Interesting, i'll try it. But that stretch in Paterson is like going to the Middle East, I recommend highly

      1. re: foodwhisperer

        I hat to admit it, but it has never entered my mind to try some of the Middle Eastern choices available in Paterson, even though it's fairly close to me and I often travel on Route 80, right through the area. Not even when I shop on occasion at nearby Corrado's. I'll have to change that.

      2. Also check out Aleppo in Paterson. They were reviewed in the NY Times about two years ago. Click on the following link, read about Aleppo, then read about five other Middle Eastern restaurants listed at the bottom of the page.


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          Thanks for the link, the place i went to was Alkumah, 970 Main St.
          I think I have been to Aleppo if that's the place on the corner , it was very good. About equal to Alkumah. Great neighbrhood for this type of food.

        2. Beyond Pita in Montclair is excellent, some items a little pricey but good fresh quality ingredients. Had a Shwarma this week, my favorite. Only negative is they stuff so much in the pita that it is impossible to eat without getting it all over yourself.
          82 Church St
          Montclair, NJ 07042

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            +1 on all counts!
            The only thing I'll add is that I'm not fond of the pitas they use. But their falafel are my favorites! Hummus is excellent too, as is the tabbouleh...

            1. re: Curlz

              Oh, and the Babaganoush, really smoky flavor, which I love, others might not, but for me makes it even better.

              1. re: WarmBeer

                Another vote for their great smoky babagamoush.

          2. King of Shish Kabob, Woodland Park (formerly West Paterson).


            1. Anything like this closer to Ocean County?

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                There is an Ibby's in downtown Freehold.

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                  My son and I stopped by Ibby's/Freehold recently and we both enjoyed a very reasonably priced (18.00 for two) platter each. Falalfel, hummus and feta for me, falafel and the fixins for a nice pita sandwich for my son. It was a quiet early lunch at the cafe but we enjoyed every morsel.

                  The dessert tray near the register looked mighty tempting (what's not to love about pistachio, honey and pastry) but I had already promised Jersey Freeze on the ride back to the homestead.

              2. The famous NYC Mamoun's Grand Opening in New Brunswick, NJ is this Monday August 13, 2012.

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                1. re: Funkalicious

                  I'm a bit sad to see that the insanely overrated, incredibly bland Mamoun's is spreading its tentacles into New Jersey. Their falafel doesn't taste like anything! But if you like eating cardboard, sure, give it a shot! Ugh. Do Pitopia or Maoz have any locations in NJ? Those are much better falafel chains. Mamoun's is for undiscerning drunk people, cheapskates who don't care about flavor, and people who don't know what falafel is supposed to taste like.

                  1. re: Ike

                    well that's coming from you. Mamoun's in jersey is packed with middle-eastern people along with the lines out the door speaks for it's self on flavor. where as Maoz down the street is empty with few customers.

                    1. re: Funkalicious

                      I guess there's no accounting for taste. Just because someone is middle eastern doesn't mean they like to eat falafel with any actual flavor in it. Every race, color, creed, and nationality has at least a few people with no taste. Sometimes certain Chinese people eat at terrible Chinese restaurants too.

                      Mamoun's is an atrocity of supreme blandness. YMMV as always.

                2. http://mamouns.com/ and Ibby's with Mamouns taking the lead...cheaper and nicer people working there.

                  1. In another thread you mentioned "...Paterson NJ for a delicious $2.50, Syrian or Lebanese falafel." Sounds good. Is Khumar one of the $2.50 places? Any updates?