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Apr 17, 2012 07:53 PM

Party for 20-30 Brooklyn or Mahattan

I am in the process of organizing a 50th anniversary party for my parents in late June, likely in BK but not opposed to Manhattan, 20-30 guests. My goal is to try to keep the food costs between $60- $100pp excluding drinks. Preferable a restaurant which is nice, doesn't have to be super swanky, yet it should have a little polish to it.

Any ideas?
Thanks JB

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  1. Do a search on this board for Frankie's Spuntino or THE STABLE AT FRANKIES 457.

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    1. re: thegforceny

      Already checked, the Stable is booked on the 3 possible days around their anniversary. Thanks though.

    2. try flatbush farm/barn, they have a really nice outdoors and are pretty flexible when it comes to private party options.

      other places that come to mind: ici, clover club, aurora (in williamsburg), rucola.

      good luck!

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      1. re: sararose

        Thanks. A few of those are new to me so that's great!

      2. If you can keep the list to 23 or so, tge wine cellar at Convivium Osteria is a stunning room with delicious food.