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Apr 17, 2012 07:52 PM

Casual dinner for 12 near CBC, FQ during Jazzfest

I am having my bachelor party in N.O during the second weekend of Jazzfest and need some suggestions for a somewhat casual place for the second saturday of Jazzfest. We will be at jazzfest all day so want to get someplace close to our hotel (off Canal and Magazine). The price is not so much an issue but want something quick , ~1 hr give or take, so we can get back to partying but also want to be able to at least seat everyone together and give people who are only here for two days some good food to remember besides the amazing food at the stages. I am at a loss for suggestions. Also, I have never been down for jazzfest before but given the size of the group, think a reservation is probably in order. Any other weekend I would risk taking people to one of my local favorites .

Thanks for suggestions

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  1. Domenica. You will need resv.where ever you choose. Many places may already be full.

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      that was actually my first thought but they wont take that many.

    2. This strikes me as something that's going to be really tough. You want a 12 top, on a weekend during Jazz Fest, in the CBD, in about an hour (so not fine dining), AND it has to be good? Yeah nothing is coming to me either. I think you might have to flex on at least one of your criteria. Could you go to somewhere casual like Tracey's for poboys? It fits everything except being close to your hotel. Could you get a bunch of muffalettas the day before and stow them in your hotel rooms? Then you could fill up for dinner pretty late at Fest, go out drinking, and drop back to the hotel and have the sandwiches for a late night snack. Would you settle for basically taco truck food? Hit up Cafe Negril on Frenchmen Street during your wanderings, they serve good tacos til late. Obviously I'm just going off the top of my head with these suggestions, but I really can't think of a way to make this happen with your current requirements. Did you try calling Domenica and begging? Can't hurt!

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          That does seem like the obvious answer, but he specified that he wants to seat everyone together. But something's gotta give!

      1. Bon Ton is a great place to dine. Get two tables next to each other if you have to.

        1. Try calling Borgne. It's supposed to be very good, but it's still pretty new so still might be under the radar of the average fest goer. It's in the Hyatt.

          1. I echo uptownlibrarian's sentiment ... what you're asking seems none too easy. That said, I'd give Capdeville a call and see if they can help you out. It's a little off the beaten path (well ... for the CBD) and might not be all booked up yet. I don't hear much about them on CH or elsewhere but like their food quite a bit.

            Though it's a cab ride (I wouldn't count on being able to squeeze onto a streetcar) someone mentioned having a good large group experience at The Uptowner/Gabrielle's recently. They seem setup for it anyway. Also a cab ride is Elizabeth's out in the Bywater ... I've had excellent success with large (20+) impromptu groups there but not during JF.

            And as I write all that I'm thinking to myself that Tracey's or Negril is probably going to be a great choice. Note also that Maison (on Frenchmen) serves passable food and might take reservations for a group that size (they have a table in the window that would seat 12). It's not a destination place but it's good enough and the entertainment is usually very good.

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              I'll check out Maison.

              Bonton only serves BIG groups for rentals on weekends. Never been that impressed with Capedeville.

              Have an option for a table for 12 at Palace Cafe and another one for two tables of 6 next to each other at Mannings Steak. Never been to either. Domenica was booked. and Cafe Adelaide wanted a 1200 dollar min plus tax and tip for their room.

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                If all are insisting to sit together, take the Palace Cafe option. Great location and you'll be close to where everyone wants to get back to partying.

                Another option is everyone grabs their favorite dish to go at the end of the Fest day, take to hotel and eat together there. Very inexpensive, saves more money for the band's tip jar.