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Apr 17, 2012 05:17 PM

Champaign-Urbana Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese

What's the best sushi in town - and what are my other non-Chinese Asian dining options? TIA!

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  1. Little late reply, but was just searching for Champaign foodie responses. As you probably now know, its a bin slim pickings in town -- I wouldn't recommend ANY sushi place. There are a few good Korean restaurants (B Won is our favorite, but even Spoonhouse near campus ain't so bad). We like "Let's Take a Seat" Thai food, but would recommend ordering their standard dishes, as their specials can be really hit or miss. Xinh Xinh is passable Vietnamese, although their pho will need some expert tweaking. Finally, although you mentioned non-Chinese, I wanted to make sure you were aware of Golden Harbor -- good, Authentic Chinese food (not American-style). Cheers!

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      Hmm, there used to be a place within the last few years in the Urbana Schnucks shopping center that did some pretty darn good banh mi. The name escapes me, maybe it folded.

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        I think that's Xinh-Xinh you are talking about ( -- we thought it was generally good, but the pho was bland (not a problem if you are good at tweaking pho tho). Haven't tried the banh mi there tho, have to try it next time!

    2. I agree that there are seriously slim pickins around here. I can't really enthusiastically recommend any sushi, although I've enjoyed Sushi Kame on occasion. The only Vietnamese game in town is Xinh-Xinh, passable, but not great. There are more Thai options. The only two I can recommend are Siam Terrace and Thara Thai. The former is decent, the latter is pretty great in my opinion. ESPECIALLY for somewhere like Chambana.
      I also second the recommendation of Golden Harbor, it is Chinese, but it might be the very best restaurant in the area.

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        Love Thara Thai! And agree that it ranks above Siam Terrace. Siam Terrace sometimes gets the nod from my group because it serves alcohol, but Thara Thai's food is definitely better.