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Apr 17, 2012 05:04 PM

"montanara" (Neopolitan fried pizza) in LA?

As seen in today's New York Times:

Another piece concisely describes a montanara as: "a margherita with a crust flash-fried before being finished in a wood-burning oven."

Does anyone in the LA area do a montanara pizza?

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  1. Ping on this thread. Any sources in LA for this?

    1. Don't know of any, and am not in a rush to try it here. I tried it in NYC at Don Antonio, and thought it was awful. Now his pies at Keste, that's another matter.

      1. Peripatetic, where'd you go? Was the Dec site revamp that intolerable?

        1. The new italian place 041Bacaro in Culver City has a deep fried calzone on the menu but not sure if it's finished in the oven like montanara

          1. Don't know of any restaurant here that serves it, but here is a link to the recipe I use: