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Apr 17, 2012 04:12 PM

Ft. Worth lunch spots

I am going to be in Ft. Worth this weekend and was looking for a good lunch spot preferably with a patio.

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  1. Love Shack has a patio ...

    1. Love Shack has really good burgers (my preference is the one in the Stockyards, though the So7 location off West 7th has indoor seating in the event of rain). The Stockyards is a nice area to spend an afternoon if you have any interest in western history - as a tourist area, it also some neat little shops, including some quite expensive western wear ones.

      Off West 7th is Fred Texas Cafe (burgers). A little further west on West 7th (Crockett St) are a number of newer restaurants. If you happen to be driving around, a few of them may offer patio dining, but I don't remember.
      Terra Mediterranean Grill

      Then, there's the Food Truck Park - I don't think all are there are Saturdays, but maybe that's changed with spring here.

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        Thanks for all the info I have heard good things about Love Shack has any one been to Tim's other place the Woodshed?

        1. re: Cwh09

          The Woodshed is probably exactly what you're looking for. Beautiful area with the river drifting by, great patio, interesting (and delicious) menu, great beer selection, friendly service. The patio is dog friendly. On our recent visit, they had a guitar player.