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Apr 17, 2012 03:31 PM

Restaurant recs for New Westminster, BC

Hello Chowhounders,

I'm going to be in New Westminster for the very first time. I'm attending the Naramata on the River, Naramata Bench wineries spring release party there on April 24. I'm intrigued by the River Market Food 360 thing. Not sure if it's a food market or a restaurant. Where to eat while in that area. I've never been to Wild Rice so that seems like a logical choice. Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Spent some time in New West last year and found it to be still pretty much a culinary wasteland-I'd head to Anatolia's Gate in Burnaby-not all that far.

    1. Well, New West isn't exactly lighting the culinary world on fire ... but there are a couple of decent places.

      Tamarind Hill is reviewed quite well.

      Dude who runs it did Banana Leaf evidently. I've eaten there once and for New West it's impressive.

      1. interesting place for the Naramata Bench to hold an event - must be what they think is affordable venue and central / accessible

        anyway, downtown (ie Columbia St nr Skytrain) New West is a blast from the past - i was there recently (we left our car parked and took the skytrain for an urban experiment) -- new Safeway, new Shoppers or other chain retail store - all in the station at Columbia or was it New West station - i can't remember.

        not much has changed since our childhoods except - to put it politely - less vibrant (and this was supposed to be the capital of BC? can't remember my bc history) --- same old movie theater, the Eatons parkade is an eyesore, THO the back side of Eatons is worth investigating - a fantastic mid-mod store on Front St below the overhead parkade and nr the RR trax - (she's on Craigs List) --- but as Sam Salmon says above - it's maybe not a destination for food yet - i saw a cold beer and wine store and a greek restaurant. oh, and a branch of the infamous Army & Navy "department store"

        i'd second the recommendation re: Anatolia - it is near but not close to Skytrain at Royal Oak - check Urban Spoon website -- note that there are two Anatolia -- one is all the way downtown (skytrain 40 min) --- it is the takeout place. But the restaurant with the wood oven is in Bby

        where are you staying? That might help garner some input

        here is another thread about New West

        i also enjoy reading this blog

        here is Urban Spoon - but you'll have to go to the Bby section to find Anatolia

        i look fwd to your report ... enjoy!

        1. Oh yeah, Farm Cottage Bakery on Columbia St (near Royal Columbian Hospital) is pretty good. I looooove their pies.

          1. A prolific local blogger has done more than his fair share of New West resto reviews ......