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Apr 17, 2012 03:09 PM

One dinner. 4 guys--need recommendations and evaluation of other choices

I'm coming to Montreal for the first time next Thursday with 3 other guys. We're leaving the wives and kids back in New York City.

We have reservations at Au Pied on Friday and Ristorante Cavalli Saturday. But we need a late dinner venue for Thursday and don't have a reservation (couldn't get one at Garde Manger). Any suggestions? How about suggestions for lunches?

We're psyched about Au Pied, but is Ristorante Cavalli a good choice for dinner?

How about some good bar recommendations? We're not into the club/dance scene but like a good cocktail bar with a lively crowd.


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  1. If you want good food, skip Cavalli. It's a bit of a scene, but that's it. Late dinners are easy to find here - it depends on what you're looking for, but if you read a few of the threads here on late-night dining, you will likely find something.
    Some suggestions - Joe Beef, Liverpool House, Nora Grey, Brasserie T, DNA.

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      Good recs by Cheryl, but many will be tough to get into... at least the first 2. I think Cavali is only a good choice for the "scenery". Similar to Globe, Buona Notte, and in some ways Ferreira (though the latter has better food).
      Dominion is definitely a good option - not amazing food, but its open late. Also could consider Chien Fumant (I sound like a broken record...)

    2. Thanks. I actually just made a reservation at DNA for Thursday night. Maybe I should try for something else to replace Cavalli. I'll look at your suggestions. Thanks.

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        I would scratch brasserie t from list as small place,, better in warm weather when can sit on terrace or at festival time. There are lots of fans of 400 coups resto in Old Montreal and it is open for lunch, only on Fridays though.

        Ferreira, portuguese resto is in central downtown core and is good for lunch as is Dominion Square Tavern across the street. Both have good ambiance, but reserve as busy even at noon.

      2. Other good and fun places to consider :

        - La salle à manger
        - Bar & Boeuf
        - Quartier Général (BYOW)
        - Venti Osteria
        - Taverne Square Dominion
        - I've never been but maybe Le Filet ? I think it's hard to get in these days though...

        1. theres also sugar shack party on a rooftop of fancy hotel for something different