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Apr 17, 2012 03:00 PM

Where can I buy Nestle Quality Street chocolates in Montreal?

I have been asked to buy Nestle Quality Street chocolates for an older relative who is very ill and has fond childhood memories of these chocolates.(I only liked the caramel ones!)
I remember seeing tins of these chocolates in various pharmacies, but now that I am looking for them I can't find them anywhere! won't ship to Canada.
Does anyone know where I can find these in Montreal? Preferably the larger tins.
Thank you!

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    1. I've never seen them in Canada but they're very popular in the UK.
      You might want to try calling some of the British specialty stores in town like Bramble House ( or Clarence & Cripps ( to see if they ever have them, or if they can order them in for you.

      1. try the British Eats & Treats in Oakville ont.
        Perhaps they can ship to you. I know they carry Nestles.
        (and alot more than what they list on product page)

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          They had them at Loblaw's Lasalle during Christmas, probably at other Loblaws have/had them as well. And I have seen them at Pharmaprix also, but not sure about recently - I will keep my eyes peeled and post with any updates!

        2. Ah, the ones in the purple wrapper, right? My sisters and I used to fight over those whenever we had QS in the house.

          I haven't seen them in Montreal, but haven't really looked - I second the recs for the specialty British shops listed above - there are a number of items I've only been able to find there. if you're near any Indian or Sri Lankan deps, I've noticed they often have UK products as well.

          FWIW, if it has been a long time since your relative ate QS chocolates, they may be disappointed. It's chocolate, so I'd eat it, but my chocoholic British parents insist they're not as good as they used to be (pre Nestle? I assume?). My Dad refuses to eat QS anymore, and if you knew my Dad and his feelings about chocolate, as well as his relatively low standards, that may mean something to you. :)

          1. The are certainly available in Montreal. Been getting a tin/box every Christmas from my mother for the last 20 years.

            They may be only widely available during Christmas (grocery stores and pharmacies). I would also recommend checking out Bramble House. They may carry QS year round.