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Apr 17, 2012 02:08 PM

Trying to decide between Les 400 Coups and Joe Beef

I will be visiting Montreal in June and I have 3 dinners planned. We are going to Au Pied de Cochon on the first night and DNA on the third night. I'm trying to decide whether we go to Joe Beef or Les 400 Coups on the second night.
Any thoughts?

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  1. If you are going to APDC for sure, then I would say 400 Coups. I wasn't as impressed by Joe Beef as many others but I've been meaning to give it another shot as everyone seems to rave about it.

    If I had to pick 3/4 of those I would drop DNA but it really depends on what your looking for. APDC is a very unique Quebec restaurant, loud fun atmosphere, I've really enjoyed it but certainly the food isn't for everyone (really fatty). DNA likes to use all the parts of animals, can be interesting, and big into Canadian wine. Joe Beef seems to be the craze of Montreal at the moment. 400 Coups in a nice modern bistro cooking with great desserts, but not as unique or out there as the others.

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      We're coming from Toronto and want to have the Montreal/Quebec experience. I know APDC isn't the best restaurant in the city but we want the experience. Reading some of the posts on the this board, these seem to be the best places to go. I was interested in Garde Manger because I like Chuck Hughes but it seems too much of a party scene for me. I just want amazing food and if possible, with a Quebecois flavour. I don't want a place to be seen or party/club atmosphere. I like that DNA uses everything. I want new challenging experiences. A steak how ever well prepared, is a bit boring. I'm willing to eat tails and snouts as long as they are prepared well.

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        I would consider le bremner, the other chuck hughes restaurant, I actually enjoyed my meal there than 400 coups. It is in old montreal near bonsecours market (boutiques, not a market). Small portions but tasty, nice ambiance. I actually did not like the dark decor of 400 coups, nor the service, meal was not memorable but I only went one time and at lunch. There is a little terrace at le bremner in back but I didnt check it out.

      2. 400 Coups, no question. Different league.

        I really only like Joe Beef for simple seafood and cocktails, otherwise I find it overrated and have had some terrible dishes there before. Smoked meat duck 3 weeks ago comes to mind... blech!!! Go for oysters, crab legs, cocktails, etc.

        400 Coups is one of the most inspired kitchens in the city imo, I've only ever had outstanding meals there and never tasted a dull plate.

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          I was also considering Le Filet but it seems like mostly seafood, which is fine but I think we want to have more selection.

          1. re: chefhound

            Les 400 Coups is still the clear winner!

        2. All are excellent choices and although I prefer Joe Beef overall to 400 Coups, the desserts at 400 Coups are just fantastic. However, if you want the Montreal experience, I think APdC and Joe Beef offer the best examples. I'm a big fan of DNA and if you like snout to tail dining, I would not miss it. To me, although 400 Coups was very good, the mains the night I went were not memorable. You could consider Liverpool House instead of Joe Beef as an alternative.