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Apr 17, 2012 12:57 PM

Other recipes besides corned beef and cabbage with corned beef?

I love corned beef but I want something beyond boiled dinner. I bought two of them at St Patrick's time and am itching for something beyond boild dinner tonight and hash tomorrow. Lemme hear it chowhounds.

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  1. Well, it's a brisket so you can cook it in any manner suitable for that cut of meat. You can leave it seasoned with the brine that it is typically sold with or soak it to relieve it of the flavorings of the bring and bake it, BBQ it, braise it in a dutch oven or slow cooker, you can even marinate it is some concoction (soy sauce and white wine comes to mind with a few herbs of your choice) before loading it into an oven.

    1. It's hard to find a better use than those two, however, when properly done. As for boiling, I have cooked two recently. The first I boiled according to the package instructions; the second I simmered with the spices for only half an hour, then finished it in the oven. Roasted is distinctly better, I think.

      Then corned beef and swiss cheese (not too much) on rye with mustard.

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        I have never roasted one before and you have my full attention. What temp, how long and does it shrink much the same as it does when boiled? Please do she these gems. I think I would like to try this

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          I'm relying on memory here. The instructions said to simmer for three and one-half hours, I think. The second one I simmered for about one-half hour in the spices, then put on a roasting pan in a 350° oven for at least two hours. I may have turned it back to 300° after an hour and a half or so, but I can't say exactly. A meat thermometer would be the way to approach it scientifically. Good luck!

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            You can see the difference in pictures and read the results of the difference between boiled , boiled and slow roasted, or slow roasted only

            1. Jewish recipe - interestingly it's sort of like for a .. ham! This is from an Orthodox rabbi's wife- had it it's delicious- make it when I can get a second cut of brisket on special at the kosher butcher, but it's more than 120 mile round trip to do that-- so maybe twice a year -- there are also recipes out there for glazed brisked with apricot/currant jam/jelly- this one is slightly different--

              Pickled corn beef
              half cup mustard
              2/3 cup brown sugar
              1 can mandarin oranges with juice
              mix 3 ingredients
              boil meat in pot for 3 hours covered in water
              cool meat, slice and pour sauce over it
              bake at 350 for half hour.