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Apr 17, 2012 12:51 PM

YYC - Titanic Dinner at Kensington Riverside Inn - Anyone??

Did anyone attend the 10 course Titanic Dinner at KRI, last weekend? I noticed a few local foodies tweeting about it but that's about it. Did anyone bite the $500/couple 'bullet' and check it out? Too rich for my blood but I was interested in hearing how it was.


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  1. I received an email and thought about it for a couple seconds before realizing, like yourself, that the price was a little out of hand. I've spent as much on meals before and they always turned out to be a little less than I had hoped for (with the exception of Guy Savoy in Las Vegas).

    I'm sure it was a good meal. But $250 may be stretching it.

    1. Considered it, did their New Year's Eve multi-course dinner with wine pairings and found it exceptional, however passed on this one for the same cost reason.