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Apr 17, 2012 12:36 PM

Yummy Browned Butter

I LOVE browned butter. It adds so much flavor. Here is one of my favorite recipes using it:

What does everyone out there do with browned butter?

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  1. i frequently make blondies from smittenkitchen's blog and use brown butter. love it.

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          That is SO GOOD. I have also made it as a tart (originally a Bon Appetit recipe), and also with raspberries.
          Another good use of brown butter is in friands.. which handily also uses up egg whites.

      1. i pour it over Uova da Raviolo. i add a touch of sage to the brown butter. YUM!

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          +1. I also add a little lemon juice (so, lemon juice, sage and browned butter)...mmmmm I actually grow sage in my garden just so I have it on hand to make this

        2. Starting this thread may have been a bad idea....too many good suggestions.....

          1. another vote for using it blondies - in fact, i just suggested it in another thread within the past couple of days. it also adds a delicious, can't-quite-put-my-finger-on-it element to brownies.

            do you ever make granola or granola bars? they're crazy good with browned butter. as are chocolate chip cookies. and browned butter frosting & icing are pretty terrific too (try it on pumpkin or carrot cake).

            on the savory end, drizzle it on asparagus, roasted root vegetables or pasta (squash ravioli with browned butter & sage is divine). or mix with a bit of lemon juice or balsamic, add some fresh herbs, and you've got a lovely light sauce for chicken, fish (trout & scallops are two of my faves) or vegetables.

            you can also use it to make a wonderfully nutty compound butter or "spread." brown half a stick of butter, let cool for a few minutes at room temp, then chill completely in the refrigerator. once chilled, blend thoroughly with the remaining half-stick (use the FP or stick blender), and season to taste with salt if desired.

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              Thanks...I never thought of it for granola - next batch.

              I have used it with squash ravioli and sage - and I've added walnuts to this mix, as well. Oh, and parm, too.

              Roasted veg...another one to try.

            2. America's Test Kitchen's Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies.
              Brown 10 TB unsalted butter, melt in an additional 4 TB butter after removing from heat.
              2 other keys to getting multiple raves for "Best chocolate chip cookies EVER!" :
              Toast chopped nuts (I use pecans and walnuts).
              Use high quality chocolate chips- Guittard, .Callebaut, Ghiridelli

              I'd link or print the complete recipe but I'm afraid the very nice Mr. Christopher Kimball would sue me for every penny I'm worth and more.