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Apr 17, 2012 12:33 PM

Stuffed Shrimp?

Anyone know any good places to get studded shrimp? My budget is about $30 for dinner only.. i need a place that can seat 10-12 people on May 4th during the afternoon... Any suggestions??

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  1. Slightly confusing, since you mention "dinner only" and also "during the afternoon." Maybe you mean "food only"? Anyway, menupages shows a wealth of places that serve stuffed shrimp, but many of them are diners, or are in Brooklyn, or are diners in Brooklyn. My pick from this list would be El Quijote, which is an old fashioned Spanish restaurant in the Chelsea Hotel. But I haven't been to very many of the restaurants listed.

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      I've been to several of the diners listed, but I doubt if that is what the OP wants. I've been to Golden Unicorn many times, and they can accomodate 12 people easily,I'm not sure if the OP wants Chinese style stuffed shrimp. In any case, thanks small h I never new you can search a specific food on menu pages. That's great.

      1. re: foodwhisperer

        I love the find-a-food feature. Many's the time I've known where I was going to be, and what I was in the mood to eat, and whoot! there it is.

        And yes, diners are probably not what the OP wants, especially for stuffed shrimp. I've been to a fair number of them myself, but only for tuna melts or breakfast specials or like that.

        Perusing that list again, Famous Oyster Bar is pretty good, if my one lobster roll there is any indication.

      2. re: small h

        Yikes! I have to mention, I've been to El Quijote twice (not my choice), and it is awful! Things that aren't fishy-tasting there just have very little taste at all, and nothing is very fresh, unless there's been a change of management and drastic rise in quality control recently, and I doubt there would have been, because they never seemed to have trouble getting people through the door, somehow.

        1. re: Pan

          I've been there (I think) three times, most recently probably 15ish years ago. It wasn't all that great, but I certainly didn't find it awful. I remember having:

          mariscada in green sauce - I tend to like this dish whenever and wherever I have it, so I'm probably not all that discerning. I liked it fine at El Quijote.

          vegetables paella - No idea why I ordered this. It wasn't very good. I must have been having an attack of frugality and/or veganism.

          steamed lobster - Hard to screw this up, and El Quijote didn't.

          I'm sure it's possible to have a dreadful meal there (maybe you had fin fish and it was vile?), but as you note, the place is popular. So they must be pleasing someone.

          1. re: small h

            How about two dreadful meals? And yes, I thought they screwed up lobster. But perhaps they didn't 15 years ago; that is a long time, even for a restaurant whose decor hasn't changed in longer than that.

            But the fact that many people patronize a place says little for its quality. Many people go to eateries for reasons other than a fine palate, and I say that without meaning to insult either you or addictedtolunch, but just as a rebuttal to the popularity argument. Based on popularity, McDonalds is the greatest restaurant (chain) in the USA.

          2. re: Pan

            El Quijote awful? That's over the top, even allowing for differing tastes. People have been jamming the place for some 40 years, and I and others have been returning numerous times. Not gourmet, but a fun joint, most dishes competently executed, best lobster and sangria buy in the city. Paella is weak.

            1. re: addictedtolunch

              The sangria is OK, and that's about it. Nothing I've tried there was more than decent, and some items were less than decent. I didn't try the whole menu, but a lot of people ordered a lot of stuff, and I did get to try several different things. Nothing pleased me; if it was tolerable, I considered myself lucky.

              1. re: Pan

                Well, this is far from the title of this, "stuffed shrimp", but we are back to the price vs. expectations calculus. Mcdonalds is jammed because it's affordable. El Quijote is jammed because where else can you get twin lobsters, competently cooked, for 30 bucks? Nobody goes there expecting Lutece or French Laundry. In an expensive city it's good bang for the buck.

                1. re: addictedtolunch

                  We disagree on "competently cooked." They overcooked the ones I tried.