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Apr 17, 2012 12:27 PM

MSP Chowhound needs help: Dinner in downtown

I will be spending a couple days in Chicago right around Memorial Day for my husband's birthday. I am looking for a good restaurant in downtown or nearby area for May 25th. We will eat anything, as long as it is good. I hope to keep the price point around $100/person or under, but I can be talked a little higher for a good reason.

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  1. Just west of downtown are Sepia and Blackbird.

    1. where are you staying? It will be easier to help recommend if you are more specific on location and also any type of food you are interested in, and type of atmosphere.

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      1. re: ms. mika

        Haven't settled on an exact location yet, but most likely the Hotel Burnham. It is a birthday, and just the two of us, so a quieter atmosphere where you can really enjoy a meal (probably a couple of hours). Prefer locally sourced ingredients and tend to avoid seafood. We are very adventurous eaters, so nothing is off the table, as long as it is good food.

        1. re: forgottendreamr

          The Burnham has the very good Atwood Cafe restaurant which is a nice choice, but for a more unique experience, consider North Pond:

          It's a $10-15 cab ride from your hotel. There are countless other choices closer to the hotel, but this came to mind when I read your second post.

          1. re: forgottendreamr

            I would suggest Naha in River North. Consistently great food and is a quieter atmosphere where you can enjoy the food and celebrate.