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Apr 17, 2012 10:49 AM

From Airport to Horsham

I'm flying in to Philadelphia International and then heading to Horsham for a conference this weekend. And advice on interesting things to see/do in the area or good restaurants?

Also, if anyone has advice on the best way to get to Horsham, I'd really appreciate it! Thus far, looks like a 2 hour airport shuttle bus is my best bet.

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  1. Where will you be in Horsham? Look into the Airport train ( which will take you into Glenside. You could take a cab from there.

    Not a lot to see/do in Horsham itself, but you are in striking distance of Philly, and Valley Forge. What are you looking for in the way of a restaurant?

    1. There are trains that will take you from the airport all the way to Hatboro, which is right next to Horsham. Check the schedule here for the Airport train line and look for trains heading to Center City that continue on to WAR (for Warminster). You'd get off at the Hatboro station, so you may need to schedule a taxi or hotel shuttle from the train station to wherever you're staying.

      There's an excellent vegetarian restaurant in nearby Southampton, the Blue Sage, and a decent Vietnamese place in Willow Grove, Pho and Beyond.

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      1. re: Buckethead

        You don't really need to wait for a train that continues to WAR. Just get on the first train that comes, ask the conductor if it's a Warminster train. If not, get off at Market East Station and switch to the next Warminster train. There's no fare difference and waiting at Market East is better than waiting at the outdoor train platform at the airport. This will also allow you hit up Reading Terminal Market adjacent to Market East for some great chow. Whether this is feasible or not does depend on what time you are coming in and of course if you have time for a detour.

        BTW if you are going to be in Horsham without a car, your options will be very limited. It's not a very walkable place. Have you considered renting a car?

        1. re: barryg

          I agree whole heartedly with Barry. Rent a car. Alternatively you should just take the airport shuttle. The train is painfully slow with lots of stops. Up in Bucks County we have quite a few things that might be interesting to do. Doylestown has the Michner museum, as well as the Tile works. You have william penn's house in Pennsbury Manor. New Hope Lambertville are destinations on the weekends that are fun to walk around. Chanticleer Gardens in Wayne are nice. However none are easily accessible via public transportation.

          Na Brasa is a Brazilian steakhouse in Horsham that is fun. They also even provide transportation to and from local hotels. If you dont want the whole meat experience, Iron Abbey next door to the Na Brasa is a nice gastro pub. They share the same kitchen.

      2. Thanks a bunch for your advice! After taking a look at the train schedules etc. it looks like the airport shuttle would be simplest (especially since I have to be back at the airport by 6am) - $53 roundtrip isn't bad.

        Thanks too for the restaurant info. Alas, I do not drive (really need to work on that), so both Na Brasa and the gastropub sound like wonderful dinner venues to me. I'll likely try to make my way into the downtown core by train in the evenings to wander around.

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        1. re: Sammich13

          If you are public transit savvy there is decent bus service in the suburbs here that will get you to the train stations and other points. In addition to theMichner Musuem that cwdonald mentioned, Doylestown also has the Mercer Museum, which is unique and awesome (if you're into this kind of thing--look it up). Both are easily accessible via the 55 bus. Look up the 22 and 55 buses, and Google Maps will give solid public transit directions. I wouldn't normally recommend that a visitor mess with suburban buses but since you don't drive maybe you are an experienced rider. Of course for about the same amount of transit time, you can take the train downtown, which is really easy, and both the chow and culture options are plentiful.

          1. re: barryg

            BarryG, thanks for the tip. I should be able to figure out the suburban bus system, I think. The Mercer Musuem looks interesting (I'm going to a history conference, after all!) - the architecture alone would keep me entertained for a while!

            1. re: Sammich13

              Mercer Museum has a special exhibit from the Uffizzi Gallery in Florence Italy. This is a spectacular exhibit if you are interested in christian and renaissance art. We do have some nice restaurants in Doylestown. If you want some guidance, just drop a line on the board here. BarryG is right, that the 55 bus is reasonably easy, and goes N and S via 611 which is one of the major arteries in Bucks County. Other suggestions for restaurants up and down 611 include: VIlla Barrolo (Fish and Italian) in Warrington, Pho and Beyon in Willow Grove. I would also mention Otto's Brauhuas, a german styled restaurant, whose best feature is a decent beer list, and a delightful outdoor beer garden.