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Apr 17, 2012 10:28 AM

Suggestions for June trip - ISO Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops

Montreal hounder here. Will be visiting your city in June for 2 nights with husband and another foodie couple.

Been a couple of years since I've been to NYC. I tried to look through the threads, but got somewhat overwhelmed and figured I would start a new thread in hopes of getting some suggestions. I would appreciate any ideas you can offer up.

We will be staying around Midtown, so any venue below central park is fair game.
We do appreciate both casual and high end. We are open to all types of cuisine (except French... we have our fair share of French cuisine in Montreal). Preference for Italian, Japanese/Isakaya.

We are looking for lunch/brunch/dinner options.

Also looking for good coffee shops (along the lines of Stumptown, or Grumpy)

Also looking for casual bars/lounges where we can enjoy a well made cocktail.


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  1. Hi foodie_mtl, it is true, Manhattan can be very overwhelming.

    However, your query is still quite a bit broad. South of 59th Street leaves a lot of options still, as does both casual and high end.

    Best Italian - my personal favorites are Babbo, Scarpetta (though there's one in Toronto now), Locanda Verde, dell'anima (ex-Babbo chefs), while others prefer Maialino, Ciano, Ai Fiori, or Del Posto. It really depends upon the atmosphere, price point, and specific dishes you seek.

    See also:

    Best Japanese: there are a wealth of options in Manhattan, from Kyo Ya (kaiseki), Kajitsu (Shojin), Takashi (yakiniku), 15 East (are you even looking for sushi?), Hakata Ippudo (ramen), and tons more. Are you willing to do non-izakaya Japanese?

    See also:

    My favorite restaurants in NYC:

    Best weekday breakfast:

    Best weekend brunch:

    Best local coffee:

    Best mixology/classic cocktail bars - don't miss Pegu Club, PDT, Death & Co, Booker & Dax, there's a ton of options these days:

    Many of our cocktail bars aren't particularly dressy, but a good number of them don't allow standing, so there can be a wait to get in.

    Best cocktail bar in Midtown is probably Lantern's Keep, run by the Raines Law Room folks. A little south of Midtown is The NoMad on 28th and Broadway, which is also excellent.

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      Thank you. I will read over these specific threads.