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Apr 17, 2012 10:27 AM

St Martin- Restaurant Itinerary help please!!

Hi Everyone,

Going to St. Martin at end of May for 5 nights (Honeymoon). I have read a few threads about restaurants but was hoping to get help with picking the right mix of restaurants.

I have only started researching the island, areas, food etc so I may not be asking all the right questions.

I have provided some comments/questions below to help with suggestions:

-We are renting a villa in Terres Basses with a car.

- We are going to spend at least one day at Orient Bay and Dinner in Grand Case. I have heard good things about L' Estaminet on Chowhound.

- Are there Lolos everywhere on the Island or just Grand Case? Does this mean I should be making 2 trips to Grand Case for dinner (lolos and somewhere fancy)?

- ideally most nights we would like to go to an area (close to Terres Basses) that has great restaurants and is lively (shops, boardwalk, places to have a drink, people, etc.)

- We would like to experience local food and/or "local" restaurants. From past experience these types of places can be better experiences than high end restaurants.

- I have heard Don Camillo is good (best gnocchi?)

- Maybe some ideas of where to eat during the day? I have been told most beaches around us are not commercial and therefore few food options. I don't think we will be traveling to Orient Bay everyday b/c of distance but will pick beach if it is close to good restaurants/amenities.

- We don't need fancy every night. We just want good meals and memorable experiences.

- We would like to have a variety of experiences.

- Any good breakfast places in/near Terress Basses?

- Lastly, we are going to take a day trip to Anguilla if you have any good restaurant ideas.

Thanks! looking forward to your comments!


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  1. Here's a thread that should help you: Make sure you go to see Momo (call in advance for a reservation and tell him ur on your honeymoon), at Le Ti Bouchon, in Cul de Sac (right outside of Grand Case) will be a meal you'll never forget- fabulous, casual and fun!! Great luck!!

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    1. re: sockster

      Thanks! great reviews. Definitely going to check out those restaurants. Sounds like I should skip L' Estaminet or hope they were just having a bad night if we go.

      Any other suggestions/tips would be appreciated!!

      If we are staying in Terres Basses, what area(s) will we be going to most nights for dinner? Do most people go into Marigot?

      Thanks again!

      1. re: aronbrager

        Actually, if you skip Marigot, you won't miss too much. The culinary capital of SM is Grand Case for sure. As for L' Estaminet, I've always had good meals there before this last one...and their food is very creative....probably worth a try. Search this board for recent recommendations...there are a lot and you can cull from there.

        1. re: sockster

          Thanks! Other than Grand Case, what areas (s) do people go to for restaurants/night life? We would like to stay closer toTerres Basses most nights as it seems like a far drive to Grand Case to go for dinner every night.

          1. re: aronbrager

            Terres Basses is only about a 20 minute drive to Grand Case...and it's an easy drive at that.

            1. re: aronbrager

              St Martin is a small island so unless you are driving all the way around during the day, nothing is that far away. As sockster says, Terres Basse to Grand Case is not a long drive. Its the best place for walking around in the evening but you need to make reservations at the better places for dinner. I like Pressoir, Tastevin and Villa. My favorite lolo is No 6 which is in the back by the water to the right as you stand in front of them.

              If you're staying in TB, I will suggest you spend a beach day at Baie Rouge rather than Orient. Its less crowded. There are two beach bars that serve pretty decent food. Raymond does a great fish sandwich and grilled chicken.

              I will also suggest you go to Marigot and stop by Sarafina's. Its a bakery/cafe. Get bread and macarons there. Best macarons outside of Paris.

              If you make it all the way to the east side, go to Oyster Pond and visit Quai Ouest. Its down by the docks at the marina. I've never had a bad meal there. Its fantastic value too.

              Here's a link to check out for more options on SXM.


              If you're really feeling adventurous, take a day trip to St Barts and discover some more places to eat there too. That's my favorite island for food.

              ETA : By the way, Terres Basse area is very quiet. No areas that you can hang out. You can drive south to Cupecoy or east to Marigot or Grand Case. An evening in TB is hanging out at your villa, having a chef come in and prepare dinner and having an after dinner scotch and cuban cigar by the pool which sounds perfect to me.

                1. re: sockster

                  I also find your posts on St Martin informative. BTW, ever go to ST Barts?

                  1. re: Bkeats

                    I've only been a Windstar Cruise....had a fantastic lunch at Il de France...wonderful EXPENSIVE food, but a gorgeous beach!!

                    1. re: sockster

                      The other nice bakery is a few shops down from Serafina in Marigot is Le Sucrier. Smaller than the larger Serafina and I think a bit better.
                      If you want to go to a restaurant that's more "local" try le Poulet - it is near Orleans and is a bit of a trip at night. I totally agree about Le ti Bouchon and also recommend So e Luna in Mt Vernon (near Grand Case) beautiful and romantic and if you want to eat a later lunch with no need to later eat dinner go to Bacchus. Amazing french food!!!!
                      If you are staying in TB we like Plum beach (baie aux prunes) - no concessions, bring a towel or your own chairs and just enjoy the silence.

        1. Mario's Bistro! It is before Marigot, so only about a 10 minute drive from TB. The location looks a little questionable, but once you get inside it's beautiful and the food is amazing. Reserve a seat next to the water.

          Spiga in Grand Case is also very, very good.

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          1. re: jev58

            In my experience....I would avoid tourist trap Mario's at all costs. If you carefully research the reviews on these boards, you'll see the mixed reactions. Personally I had the worst meal I've ever had in SM at Mario's.

            Spiga, IMO is MUCH better!!